Update from 3.4.19200 to 3.4.21265 does not start

‎Hello I have a Ford Fiesta Titanium 2016, I am from Colombia and I have downloaded this version 3.4.21265 for South America (ANZ); I’m currently have version 3.4.19200 and I have not been able to update, on the screen it appears Updating system software… But it takes more than 1+ hour and doesn’t update, I’m doing something wrong?..‎. :frowning_face:

You have a NON-NAV APIM. (NO Maps)

Follow this thread:
Tutorial: Sync 3.4 NON-NAV APIM: Failure to Update to Newer Version Sync 3.4 - Ford / Guides & Info - CyanLabs Official Community

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Thank you!; When i’m creating the Syn3 file from CyanLab do I need to include the 3 packages (Gracenotes, Voices…) that appear? What is my region in Colombia (ANZ) o Canada and Mexico? Thanks.

The region in Colombia is Australia, New Zealand, SA, Turkey, & Taiwan.

The files you want are:

Download these from the Software Database in the tutorial…

Use this autoinstall.lst file…
autoinstall.lst (548 Bytes)

The process in this autoinstall will delete Gracenotes first, install the voice file, then it will reboot the Sync APIM.
DO NOT REMOVE THE USB. Ignore the message on the screen.
The process will then install the Sync app and Gracenotes.
Once that is done, you should get a message to reboot. Remove the USB and reboot Sync.

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Thank you, so much @F150Chief your support is great. I’m going to test the installation today. Can I lose the option of weather and rear camera on screen with the update? Thanks.

I have moved this into a new thread, since it has nothing to do with build issues


Hello @F150Chief I did everything as you instructed me, I take the USB to my Ford, but the SYNC3 Detected message appears … then it disappears and does not update anything. Am I doing something wrong?

What message are you seeing?

From the screenshot you posted, did you unzip the .gz files? Leave them zipped and place them on the usb.

I did not unzip any TAR.GZ file except that my Windows 10 does not show the *.gz extension; When I take the USB to the car it does nothing, it just says in top SYNC3 detected … and then the message disappears.

The computer is showing the .LST extension for the autoinstall.lst file below that, and should show the .GZ extensions also. Look at the file properties and see if it is correct.

Otherwise, the setup is ok. Maybe if you have the DONTINDX.MSA file place that on the usb, in the root , nut I don’t think it will matter.

Could you run the APIM Interrogator Utility and post the results? Redact the VIN.

That message is just because you named the USB SYNC3, nothing else.
So yes, you connect a device, any device, and it’s recognized.

For some reason, it’s not even trying to do anything.
About the extensions, I think only known extensions are hidden (like .GZ maybe, since the icon for the file is a Winrar one). LST, as it’s not associated with any program, it’s shown.
That’s what I think it’s happening.

What format is the USB?, is it exFAT?.

As said, try running the interrogator.

Ok, yes the format in my USB is exFAT, and I already ran the interrogator, and indeed in free space it says: 1.3GB.

Ok, here’s my idea: remove the human interaction.
Make a new USB with Syn3updater to remove gracenotes, and see how it goes.
This way, you won’t handle files, text, or anything. If the error is somewhere there, at least Gracenotes should be removed and will pick up from there.

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I was just going to reply with that…but it looks like the APIM will still not have enough room for the rest of the install, since he is starting with only 1.3GB. The autoinstall above would work with at least 1.5GB, but not 1.3GB.

He’ll have to install the small voice file using the Syn3 Updater or according to the tutorial.

In the first pic above, he has the NA Voice file -CL installed, only 465MB. Something else is installed on this APIM? The 3 files listed above would take about 3.2GB of space out of 6.5GB available.

Probably best to reformat the unit…

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Well, that would easily be answered if he uploads the interrogator log as you kindly requested, but he only said “it has 1.3GB free” instead :roll_eyes: :eyes:

It would be so much easier if he just posted the log right?, some times they just make things harder than they really are by not giving information…



Please post the file…!

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Sorry friends, I had deleted the file and re-downloaded it from the car. Here it goes.

Sync_WUCH01Y4_3FADP4CJ0GM145304.xml (9,9 KB)

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Delete Gracenotes via the Syn3 Updater. reboot the unit. The Interrogator should report about 2.3GB free.

Do not use the 5U5T-14G391-BP_1626959716000.TAR.GZ voice file, the unit does not have the space to support it. Instead, install the NA Voice file, 5U5T-14G391-CP_1626959995000.TAR.GZ. Also, use the NA GN file, 4U5T-14G423-CC_1615429225000.TAR.GZ.


Here is the modified autoinstall.lst file.
autoinstall.lst (472 Bytes)

Or just reformat with those files…

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Hello, Excellent guys and @F150Chief, this is the solution for me, thank you so much!!! :star_struck:

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Glad it’s sorted. Enjoy.

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