Update on 2020 models

Thank you for your work: the whole CyanLabs project is awesome!

I have a 2020 Ford Fiesta ST with Sync 3,4 build 20136. I’d like to update it to the last build using your app; I should use the Downgrade Mode due to the build version, however your app says me that on 2020 veicles that method colud be dangerous…how to resolve? It is not possible to update on 2020 vehicles?

A last question: If I use your tool to update my sync to the most recent build, will I lose the “ST” logo at the start? Will compear the standard “Ford” logo?

The warning is there for a reason, there’s no solution at the moment.

Since you are already on 3.4, what you could do is just to install the build without the maps. Installing maps requires reformat. If you just update the Sync version and keep your existent maps, then you should be ok.

Technically it doesn’t require it but it’s preferred

You can try forcing the install mode to autoinstall it may work but if it doesn’t you won’t risk bricking your car… Just ensure it is indeed autoinstall before running

Thank you for support, very fast!

What do you mean with “force to autoinstall”? How to do it?

Look here

So I can safely try to update my focus my2021 maps from stock f9 version to F10 forcing the autoinstall setting? The worst scenario is a failure but without a brick? Is someone test this?

Yes you can give the auto install a try. It may work and it may not.

The ideal way to install new maps is via a reformat but you must not do that on a 2020+ model year vehicle.

The worst thing that can happen if you force an auto install is that it’ll just fail (as in nothing happens/changes). You will likely receive an error message saying the install failed if that is the case.

Once again, make sure you force the auto install and do not let it downgrade/reformat.


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