Update SYNC Build


Sorry I am new to the forum

I am trying to update my Sync 3

The current version is listed as F1.8.01 R20411a

Could anyone help with what I should be entering to obtain the correct download

Thank you

It seems you have SYNC 2.5 and not SYNC 3. Unfortunately, it is not updatable via this tool. You can check for any updates directly from Ford.

Download The Latest Update For Any Ford® SYNC® Version | SYNC Updates | Official Ford Owner Site

Thank you for your prompt reply

The vehicle spec says Sync 3

How do I identify the exact build

Thank you

You can identify your build by going to Settings → General → About SYNC.

Post a picture if you can so that I can confirm.

You can also DM me your VIN and I can check.

FYI I have moved this to a new topic as it doesn’t have anything to do with the previous topic that was originally posted in.

Hi, I just downloaded the Syn3Updater Tool. But when I launch it, it says that the program has crashed. I click the Reset Settings button, it goes through the download/boot cycle again and then disappears for good. After that, when I try to run the program again, it only downloads/boots and disappears.

SYNC, software version: F1.8.0.1 R20411a


2.5.0 pulled while this is investigated, me and my beta testers did not experience any issues when testing before release though, relaunch it and it will pull 2.4.2

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I can confirm this is SYNC 2.5 and not updatable via the updater tool. It also seems that Ford does not provide updates for the platform you have installed.

Not sure what else to suggest here.

same here, won’t boot at all

Please re-launch the app and it will download the previous version that worked.

I had to uninstall the updater and reinstall it. But it’s working now! Thank you

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You didn’t, i suspended build 2.5.0 and it installed 2.4.2, it just happened to be the same time you uninstalled it.

I saw that. I tried to open the program again once I saw your post. I saw it was downloading the 2.4.2 version. But it disappeared too and nothing popped up. So I unistalled/reinstalled and it worked the second time. I guess that means it’s something going on with my computer?

Hmm interesting, looking to fix ASAP

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There is a recent thread that mentions this update and a fix for a clock issue from the TCU. Otherwise, this appears to be the latest version for your system. The files for this Sync application are .VBF format and are not loaded thru the Sync 3 update process, instead are updated like firmware updates to the modules.

Sync 2.5 bug - Ford Focus Club - Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums

See this thread here for more…

Is upgrading to 3.4 possible? (Sync 2.5) - Ford / Sync 3 - CyanLabs Official Community

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FYI, the crashing of Syn3 Updater has been hotfixed with 2.5.1