Updated from 3.0.19205 to 3.4.19200 - Couple of Questions

Hey Folks! I have a North America 2017 Model Year Fusion non-nav. I took the plunge and went from Official 3.0 to Unofficial 3.4.19200. I did a full Master Reset after the update. Just a couple of questions.

For the record, my old IVSU Versions:
JR3T-14G381-AS - Version 3.0.19205
JR3T-14G391-CD - Version 3.0.17137
JR3T-14G423-BB - Version 3.0.19080

  1. Is there a Bluetooth Bug? I set up my phone via Bluetooth the first day. After two days it looks like the phone was completely removed from the cars bluetooth list (even though on my phone itself, the car is still on the phones list). I thought it was odd as I’ve never had that happen on 3.0 before. Anyone ever have to re-set up bluetooth in their car after?

1a) If that happens again, should I try 3.4.19274? Is there a reason NOT to go to 19274 other than not being able to use the Downgrade tool?

  1. I noticed my older/original Gracenotes are not on the IVSU website (JR3T-14G423-BB). If I wanted to downgrade back to 3.0 (which hopefully I wont, as long as that Bluetooth Glitch doesn’t happen again) Would I just use a newer version of the Gracenotes? If so, which version would work well with 3.0.19205? Does it even make a difference/are there any compatibility issues?

Now off to less important questions,

  1. Heated steering wheel option is buried in Climate > Additional Menu options, where in 3.0 it was right in the Climate Options. Is there any way to move this button to a different menu? Not the end of the world because I also see it in the “Home” screen, but just curious.

  2. Daytime Brightness can’t be adjusted anymore. The slider bar is grayed out and looks like it’s set to Maximum by default. Night time brightness can be adjusted no problem. Is Daytime Brightness changeable? Once again not the end of the world, but jeeze the screen can be bright!

Thank you!

Not that i have experienced.

You can’t go down to 3.0, 3.2 is the lowest it can be taken back to.

Not sure, i haven’t got heated steering wheel so no idea.

Hmm, not sure again to be honest, not something i really messed with.

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Phone issues occur on several of these upgrades. Since you upgraded to 3.4 from 3.0, it is expected that all settings and phones will be erased from the system and have to be added again. The proper way to do this according to the Ford Owner website is to delete the old profile from your phone, then reboot the phone. While that is going on, do a master reset of the Sync system to erase all phones and settings back to factory. Now, add the phone to your system again. I have done this after any upgrade and have no issues with an iPhone.

You need the 4U5T-14G423-xx Gracenotes file for Sync 3.3/3.4.

Never seen anything about moving the heated steering wheel icon.

To adjust brightness, place the system in day or night mode manually. I auto, that is how it responds.

Hope this helps…


@CyanLabs Thank you!! Your opinion is valued on your favorite version (3.4.19200). I know you probably nailed this a thousand times, but have you tried 19274? If so, why didn’t you stay on it?

@F150Chief Thank you, Bluetooth seems to be working now. I should have done a Master Reset before upgrading from 3.0 to 3.4 in the first place instead of just after, but I was too eager to pop the USB in and upgrade. lol

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