Updated Sync from 3 to 3.4 and want to know how to install updated ford nav maps?

2017 Ford Edge Titanium. Updated original Sync 3 to 3.4 with nav.
I also have a paid subscription to Ford Nav maps and when tried to update the maps got error that sync version is not correct and could not update
Any suggestions?

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: Pre MY20

Install Type: OEM

Old SYNC Version: 3.0_2.0.16074

New SYNC Version: 3.4.22251 NA

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?
sync version is not correct

Update Method: CyanLabs Syn3 Updater

Syn3 Updater Version: Windows

Syn3 Updater Documentation Read: yes

Syn3 Updater Log File

no logs since error shows when I plug the nav usb from ford

I believe the Ford subscription maps you currently have are only suited to your ‘old’ Ford sync update or the later 3.0.20204 for your model Ford and will not work with your Cyanlabs update 3.4.22251.
You will need to update to the latest maps NA 2.22 with Cyanlabs now as you have left the Ford update ‘fold’.
In any case your latest update to 3.4.22251 is known to have bugs so I suggest you update to the latest version sync3 3.4.23188 with Cyanlabs and include the latest maps.
Someone here will correct me if I am wrong with this advice.

Thank you .
So just redo the usb again but select the NA 2/.22 maps?
Then just re-install as before?

Yes…input 3.4.22251 as your current update and 3.4.23188 as your required update and the NA 2.22 maps.
Do not remove the USB stick if advised to early in the upload in the car, as it will reboot and complete the update as maps may take an extra 30 minutes or so.

After the upload is completed ensure that you do a master reset.

Please keep us updated regarding the result. :slightly_smiling_face:

Finished the usb stick , and will test it either today or tomorow , and let you know
Q: You mentioned " do a master reset". How to do it?


After the upload in the car and with the engine still running select ‘settings’, then ‘general’ and scroll down to ‘master reset’ and select that.
It will take a short while to reboot after which you will need to link your phone again.

Sorry for late reply…time difference here in Australia. :wink:

Let us know how you go…

No worries.
So Finished the usb stick. Went through the upgrade w/o issues. Took a long time to extract the map and voice files.
Had to turn off the vehicle in the middle of the map extraction. ( after about 40 minutes) and when I restarted the vehicle continued back with upgrade and finished it w/o issues.
Had to redo the phones ( Bluetooth) but that took a less than a minute.
Plugged the usb cord, and connected successfully to Waze and nav seems to be running ok.
I will do a quick check on the versions and if any issues compared to the older version and let you know.
Thank again

Thanks for reply and let us know of any issues down the track.
I assume you checked the ‘about sync’ heading in the ‘general’ setting to confirm that it now shows the sync 3 build 3.4.23188 and maps NA 2.22?

Software updates appear on this site from time to time and new map updates show up here usually early each year for download.

No need to report uploads to Ford anymore as you have now left their update system and will need to use Cyanlabs from now on. :wink:


Checked versions
3.4 Build 23188
So far all seem to be working

I do have another question
What about a downgrade to the original 3.0 sync?
Is it possible?
Just wondering

No…not to my knowledge, once you have updated to 3.4 with Cyanlabs.
You may be able to go back to version 3.3 but there is really no need if everything is working ok.

Thank you. I was just curious if somehow all goes south and if possible, to do a factory reset back to the version it came with

Oh, ok…I went from the original version of 3.0.20204 through the Ford update system for my 2017 model which was the last one back in early 2021 to Cyanlabs 3.4 versions 22251, 23088 and now 23188 with the corresponding current maps over the last 4 months or so and haven’t had any issues.

The only minor glitch I have found with all of these updates is that sometimes the media will not revert back to my USB music where it was left off and starts on FM radio upon a restart.

This usually only ever happens if I turn the car engine off and immediately restart it or turn the media off and straight back on again.
If I wait a few seconds before a restart the media always restarts where it left off.

Apparently this is a common ‘issue’ and is no big deal.

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