Updates from ford

Hi… Very new to this and I just updated my 2018 f150 usa to sync 3.4 from 3.0. Everything seems to be working fine after the update. Thank you much for bringing these updates. My only question is should I leave auto update on or off on my unit. Secondly should I update my maps from ford website when available. Or I need to wait for cyanlabs to provide us all the updates. And how to find out if cyanlabs have an latest update for my unit Thanks in advance.

The maps and updates that Ford will offer you will no longer work once you are on 3.4 as they differ for a 3.0 system so you will need to continue using packages provided through the updater.

Keep in mind even the packages the updater downloads come directly from Ford and are for all intents and purposes, “official”.

You can choose to leave updates turned on in the vehicle but it will never download any updates.


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