Updating 2016 from 3.0.19205 to latest Questions for North America

I have prepared the USB for the Sync and Maps update and saw a reference to CarPlay and the USB hub. Prior to completing this update (which does not have CarPlay) will I have issues with the update? Thanks.

No immediate issues. If yours has the old USB hub (most often seen on 2016 model year vehicles. If this is an older vehicle that was upgraded from Sync 2/MyFord Touch with the original USB/media hub, it’ll be the same situation. 2017 and newer vehicles SHOULD have already had the hub upgraded from the factory), it’ll still work for everything but CarPlay. USB flash drives, Android Auto, etc. will work with the old hubs. You’ll just continue to get a nag saying it is ‘unsupported’ every time you start the car.

If you plan to use CarPlay, you MUST update to the newer hub. But the update can be applied now and the hub replaced later if that was your concern.

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Yes, it produced in 2016 so definitely lacks the CarPlay integration (also confirmed when you plug in your phone - has a new menu for App Catalog or something). Can the nag error be addressed with Forscan? If not, will a new USB hub be plug and play or is there more to that as well? Appreciate the info.

No way to remove the nag screen other than updating the hub. It is plug and play. No other software changes or configurations needed.

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Thank you.

These will work for you if you plan on upgrading the hub.
2016-2019 Ford Taurus Limited, SE, SEL, SHO
HC3Z-19A387-E (BLUE BACKLIGHTING) Ford (Wide 2 USB-A Port)
HC3Z-19A387-F (BLUE BACKLIGHTING) Ford (Wide 2 USB-A Port)

Buy these from a dealer or like TASCA online. Be careful about eBay, AliExpress, etc., as there a lots of counterfeits and reconditioned units for sale. You should be paying about $50 US.

Will do. This will then allow CarPlay through a wired connection?

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Correct. Once the hub is upgraded, (wired) CarPlay will work and the nag screen will go away.

Thanks again. Just a quick thought, using Forscan, is there a way to copy all the files in the event something goes wrong to restore them?

… and I assume climate buttons (heated and cooled seats along with heated steering wheel will remain as configured after update)?

…and final question, I am using a 16gB flash drive, I see there is about 14 gb of data (updating maps as well). Is there a issue to use a larger drive or should be fine?

Yes, see the tutorials… FORScan Tutorial Links - FORScan - Docs - CyanLabs Official Community

2016 Taurus, they should. You can put them back if they don’t with the asbuilt backups you performed above…!

Honestly it will work but it will be close. Use a USB 3.0 drive.

For future reference @Nynd , please note there’s an edit button… Next time, edit your last message to add information instead of posting new ones in short succession…


Thanks to all, update went fine and the nag error did show. Swapping the USB hub took care of that and provided the CarPlay option. Many thanks all around for the support.


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