Updating Ford Mondeo system Red Screen

Red screen

I’m updating my Ford Mondeo. I have 3.0 and want 3.4. It started fine, but after 2 min it went in red screen and there is now “Error In 5U5T-14G381-EU_1634769242000.TAR.GZ : PKG_ERR03” hope you can help.

Regards Emil

Post the logs for USB creation.
Also, do you have an image of the red screen?

log.txt (13.9 KB)

Here is a picture of the red screen. It comes after 1-2 minutes and does not move on. When I start the car now I write the one I need to put the USB plug in. I have us attached log from the USB plug.

Thank you for the information.
Well, nothing is wrong in the log, but I did notice it took 60 minutes to create the USB (copy the files and verify them). Plus, the error you are getting right at the start is that it can’t uncompressed / process a file.

Do you have another USB to try with?, it must be a quality one.

And also, once Syn3updater created the USB, you didn’t modify it in any way right?

I have not tried another USB connector. It can easily be that it is not good enough quality. I was just looking for one with enough space for the files. When I find a better USB connector do I just have to move everything from the USB connector I now have to the new one or download it from a new one? No, once I get the screen going I do not change anything.

No, do not do that. Just repeat the process with Syn3updater.
It won’t download any files since it will find them on your PC already, it will only validate them and then proceed with the USB creation procedure (which also validate the files on the USB after being copied).

Of course you can just “copy everything” from one drive to the new one, but Syn3updater can do better and validate the results.

And also, just to be safe: when you tried it at the car, were all other ports free? (like, no other USB devices connected, or a card reader).

Hello again. Thank you so much for the help. Now I’ve made it work. do you know how to make an instrument update so there is blue design? :blush:

You are welcome.

What do you mean by instrument update?.

This one :+1:t2:

Oh, I see.
You want to change your instrument cluster’s design.

I would not know, maybe there’s a setting you can change via forscan, or even in the configuration.
But I really do not know.

Since that question is not related to the original issue you had, I recommend creating another thread for this specific question in the right part of the forums; thus keeping the forums clean and organized.


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