Updating SYNC3 on 2016 Lincoln Navigator (MAC)

Watched your video on updating while using a MAC (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cNlBpmweG4). You mentioned that in 2016 vehicles the Appleplay might not work and could need an upgraded USB hub. Can I go ahead and try with the memorex USB I already have or should I purchase the USB hub you mentioned? Just didn’t want to screw something up!

This is @NaviUpgrade’s video, that said, the USB drive is not what he is referring to here, he is saying that if you update a 2016 car you may need to replace the USB Hub to get Apple Carplay to work. If you update and don’t have a compatible USB Hub you will get a message each start saying incompatible hub and Carplay won’t work, Android Auto will still work.

Thanks for the reply. So, there’s a chance it could work but a chance it couldn’t is basically what you are saying?

Basically, if it does complain with that error you need to replace your USB hub.

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