Updating To 3.0 build 19205

Good morning y’all so I’ve done the upgrade to sync 3.4 build 19200 And ts very nice I’m still wondering if I can go back to 3.0 build 19205 I do actually have the files Of 3.0 do I just put the reformat.lst in the files and plug it in my Ford?

The lowest version you can go back to with the tool would be 3.2 and up. 3.0 uses a different partition layout and the tool cannot restore a 3.0 system.

is it possible to revert the partition layout to support 3.0

With hardware yes, without specialised hardware no, this is clearly mentioned multiple times in the guide.

What do you mean by hardware. Do you mean Forescan ?

no i mean taking apart the APIM and reading the chip directly then reflashing the partition layout via Windows/Linux, if you are UK based i can do it if not then you are SOL

You’d be best off sourcing a whole new APIM if you are not in the UK

do you recon that doing this would be possible through your application in the future ? if this was achieved you guys would be the one stop shop for any sync version available and this would probably make yall really well known in the ford community also will you guys continue to do this with sync 4 also because im planning on upgrading my apim to a sync 4 one once available.

no, there is no reformat tool by Ford that has leaked that sets the partitions up for the “previous” layout, therefore it’s not possible as all packages must be signed by Ford with their private keys