Updating to Sync v3.4 from v3.0.18093

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I’m looking to update my dad’s 2016 Edge Sport’s Sync 3 system to v3.4. He has the original APIM and USB hub in the vehicle. I’m curious if updating v3.4 will cause any issues for him or a decrease in performance.

There should be no issues upgrading the Edge to 3.4. Update to the latest version, 3.4.21098. You must update the maps also. Use the Syn3 Updater to perform a reformat with new app, voice and maps.

One thing to note, if he is used to the layout of Sync 3.0 and likes that, Sync 3.3.19052 has a very similar layout, which might be more welcoming to him. You could update to the latest 3.4 and if he does not like it you can quickly downgrade to 3.3 with only an app downgrade. The NA 2.20 maps are compatible for both of these versions. Generally, Sync 3.3 and 3.4 will outperform the older Sync 3.0 systems. The latest 3.4 software is quick.

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The 2016 usb hub can sometimes produce usb hub errors and needs to be upgraded to a newer model. It doesn’t break anything, but is irritating as it comes up at each power on of the vehicle.

Best thing to do is try it, then upgrade if needed. 5 minute job.

Doesn’t it break CarPlay, i know Android Auto still works but could have sworn i’ve read previously it breaks CarPlay.

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It’s fine if CarPlay doesn’t work since he doesn’t use an iPhone, but I’d hope Android Auto still works

CP breaks, AA is good. But you get that “replace hub” screen every time you start the car. The hubs are about $55 US, not expensive to replace if you want to.

Yeah I ended up ordering one to replace it. I didn’t notice the error message after starting the car again, but never know when it’ll pop again

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