Upgrade NNAV APIM to NAV with Aliexpress board

Hi, I have a Europe Ford Fiesta MK8 witn NNAV APIM. I bought from Aliexpress a 32GB USA board to upgrade my APIM to NAV.

The previous board was updated to the last version of Sync 3.4 using Syn3 software of Cyanlabs. Before I installed the new one i used forscan to save the Asbuilt configuration. I disassembled my APIM and installed the new board and restored the configuration with Forscan but the screen doesn’t work, It stays black and led of the power and tune buttons of the sides doesn’t light up.

Does anyone know what is the problem or it’s better to buy an NAV APIM directly?


I think there is a firmware update you need to perform as well as the asbuilt. I am not an expert on this, but maybe someone here will chime in.

See this:

Замена (увеличение объема) ПЗУ на Sync 3 - Ford Focus 3 (ffclub.ru)

Your 32gb apim won’t fit EU maps, get a 2nd hand module from ebay. Search ‘14G371’ and pick up a module in the EU, usually those ending F**, G** and H** are nav, any beginning A and B are usually non nav.

I’ve seen a lot of issues with aliexpress modules, I’d return it if I were you.

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The AliExpress data boards are hit and miss. I’ve ordered a dozen of them and 2 of them are bad just as you describe.

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