Upgraded Sync 2 to Sync 3 in 2014 F150 and lost SiriusXM

I just swapped a non-Nav Sync 3 Screen and APIM(starts with K) into my 2014 F150 that had Sync 2. The APIM initially had version 3.3.18266 and when I would go to sources and press SiriusXM, it would make a sound but nothing happens.

I have since updated to 3.4.22251 and done a Master Reset and am still having the same issue. Everything else seems to work(AM, FM, Bluetooth, HVAC, heated/cooled seats/etc.)

Any ideas? My 7D0-01-01 is set as Axxx xxxx xx

Oh and I did turn on Sirius Travel Link in the APIM and I can go in and see my Sirius Radio ESN. So it does know its there and sees the correct ESN.

Nevermind, I just figured it out.

7D0-08-01 xxx2 xxxx xx needed to be changed to xxx0 xxxx xx

Thank you for updating the thread with the solution.

Take care.

That is correct. Sync 2 and 3 are not directly compatible.

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