Upgraded to 3.4 from 3.0 with reformat App only. No longer have nav

The only thing that worked without errors was a reformat with app only. It seems as though the nav no longer works or the map data is completely missing, which makes sense because it was a reformat and only the app was installed.

How do I go about adding nav data to the update?

Thank you.

You are correct, you must include the maps in reformat. The old maps are not compatible.

Use the Syn3 Updater to install all of the files via reformat. The Different Install Modes - CyanLabs

Can I update to the same Sync version and build with the included Nav data? I already have the latest installed.

I just wonder if it goes through with the update and reformat if it detects no delta between Sync builds.

The app will automatically downgrade the Sync version to 3.3 so the reformat tool can run, and then re-install all of the files you selected.

Please bare with me.

If I have current version set to (latest build) in the app and select upgrade version to (latest build), it will still load the correct 3.3 files to the USB in order to downgrade and then reformat to (latest build)?

yes. It will tell you that the mode will be downgrade at the bottom of the app page.

Copy all and thank you so much, chief.

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