Upgrading a Shelby GT350

So I have done some quick reading through this site and I still have some questions on what all is needed to update from 3.0 to 3.4. I have a 2016 GT350 with Sync 3 version 3.0 and NAV. I have already upgraded to the CarPlay USB and have also upgraded to the 2018+ satellite radio antenna (probably irrelevant here). Also, I have never done any FORScan mods to the car. Are there any other hardware, software, or firmware updates that I would need to do before attempting to upgrade to 3.4 to get the full benefit? I have no plans on ever updating to the digital dash, but are there any other hardware upgrades I could get (even if not required) to improve the system or provide additional functionality with 3.4? Finally, after the 3.4 upgrade, will the Shelby boot screen still be the default or will have I to use FORScan to put that back?

Short answer is no, it’s like any other ford update. You don’t need any hardware etc updates.

Slightly longer answer, if you want calm screen and radio logos (pretty niche) you’ll need to read the calibration update thread and obtain a new adapter and vehicle charger.