Upgrading from 3.0 to 3.4 and potentially adding Nav

Good afternoon all. I upgraded my APIM to a non-nav Sync3 module. Run the interrogator and the partitions amount to 8GB total storage. The APIM is running version 3.0.18093 and I want to get to 3.4. Downloaded the files for non-nav and I came up with an idea / question.

As I am in Argentina, I would use the NZ Map files, as per my research, the only thing that stops non-nav APIMs from running navigation is storage. I tried downloading the update including nav and it amounts to a total of 8.8GB. Really close to 8GB. So the question is: removing Gracenotes and using small voice package, is there a chance this would work? Would there be a risk of a hard brick? Sorry if this has been asked before, I searched but didn’t find anything related to this region which appears to have a rather small Maps partition.

Thank you!

I would never attempt to install maps in to a 8GB APIM, 16GB maybe… 8GB no.

8.8GB is compressed file size, you need to make your files about 3GB to even have a chance of it fitting on a 8GB APIM which you won’t be able to do.

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Gotcha, makes total sense. Not gonna try it then. Thanks

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