Upgrading sync3

Hi all, looking into upgrading my sync3 it is currently on version 2.3 and the maps are F6.1. if i update using the windows update tool to create a usable usb stick, can i update from this version to 3.4? Also does the update update the maps at the same time or do the maps need a seperate update?

You can upgrade to Sync 3.4 with maps all at once using the Syn3 Updater in reformat mode. It is automatic, just fill out your current configuration as Sync 2.3 with the proper region and Maps Yes. The app should download all the files, make the USB stick, and write all the install files to the stick. Just make sure you use a good brand name 32GB USB stick.

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so do i need to select reformat mode on the windows update tool or does the tool do it? Sorry if i sound stupid just want to be careful.

Edit. Just read it selects it automatically.

It should select that automatically. Do NOT use FORCED mode.

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