Upgrading TCU for 4g connection


I am trying to upgrade my 2017 Black Label Continental TCU with the 3g modem to the 4g modem does anyone have the part number or the doner car that I would need to get one from. To get this upgraded.

I’m looking to do the same.

Hey everyone - read thru the 3g to 4g upgrade thread and watched @chadmees video update on the MKZ, hooping my update works - I have 2020 Energi (well my son does now) that was a recent upgrade from our 2015 Energi. I was disappointed to find out that the 2020 was no further along than the 15 as far as the modem/TCU went, so I found you guys and can’t thank you all enough for paving the way.

My existing TCU is HS7T-14G087-EH (per forscan) the one I bought on Ebay is from a 2020 Fusion Titanium Gas (used the VIN decoder to confirm) LS7T-14G229-AL Hoping I didn’t make a mistake in the part number, I also went with the Bingfu antenna - hadn’t read this forum yet but I’ll get it mounted up on the rear deck inside under the glass - if it doesn’t work well - I’ll spring for the PIFA. I’ll post up here my progress and will start reading up and seeing if there’s any cool stuff that is being done with Broncos while I’m at it.

The L series TCU uses the HS4 network which the Fusion never had. You cannot upgrade this on the Fusion Either. You need a J series or early K series TCU which work on the HS3 or ICAN network.

Thanks - but not sure I understand - this one came out of a 2020 Fusion Titanium - or are you saying the Energi never had the HS4 network?

Correct, I also have a 2020 Energi. Here you can see the Pinout to the APIM on a 2020 Fusion Energi. You will notice there is no HS4 network and only the HS3. The L series TCU’s started showing up around this time(2020) so getting one from a Fusion other than a Energi would make sense. Ford went with the older 3G TCU for some stupid reason on the Energi and then later offered to pay for labor if you bought the 4G upgrade through them. The bottom pic below is the TCU Pinout for the same 2020 Fusion Energi and you can see it does not have HS4 on it either. A 2021 Bronco does have HS4 so the L series would work on that although I bet it already has one.

Ugh - thanks - guess I need to go back to ebay.

Would this one work?

So the K series has 2 different Calibrations. Both K series TCU’s will work but one may need to a calibration downgrade so it works on HS3. I think that one posted is set for HS4 but I am not 100% sure. @F150Chief knows more about the 2 versions than I do but he will not be back for about a month. I do know you can change the calibrations with Forscan and it takes about an hour to do it, Atleast for me it did. @RD4154 has done this as he is running a K series in his 16 Explorer so if he is on later, I am sure he can clarify it.

I know there is some discussions about it somewhere on here but I dont have time to search for it right now. Could have been a side conversation I was having also. I am sure @RD4154 can explain it better.

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You will need to downgrade a K series to J series firmware regardless for this application in a 2017 vehicle. K series firmware will not work reliably.


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What about on a 2020? Will the KS7T-14G229-AH work if downgradaing to J - what J firmware do I use?

I believe it will work. @F150Chief would know for sure. Personally, what are you gaining by buying a K series and then down grading it to a J series calibration? Wouldn’t it just be easier to buy a J series from the start?

Hey Bill thanks again - unfortunately I hadn’t read thru all of this info first and realized after I bought the K - I asked the seller if I can swap for a J that he has in stock - waiting to hear back - that would be significantly easier.

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I know as soon as my Warranty is up I am going to put a J series in mine.

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A 2020 Ford vehicle will use an ‘L’ series TCU. The ‘J’ and ‘K’ series can work but you will need HS4 for communications for the ‘K’ and HS3 for the ‘J’ series. 2020 vehicles onward use HS4 natively, so ‘J’ series would likely be an issue.

A 2020 TCU will not work in a 2017 vehicle. Your best bet is to use the J series for a 2017 vehicle. Note that depending on the vehicle that not all functions may be supported.

Hi F150Chief - does that include a 2020 Fusion Energi? bill32399 seemed to indicate that the L and K were unlikely to work in the Fusion Energi and that a J was the way to go. I know this thread started with the OP asking about a 2017 but I was asking about the 2020 Fusion energi.


I know for a fact(I have the VIN specific wiring diagrams and have looked) that a 2020 Fusion Energi does not have HS4.

Now I guess that does not mean the GWM might not have the ability and we just don’t know about it. That part I don’t know.

Well - I guess I’ll know for sure what works come Saturday - not returning my K modem until I try the J first. Will keep you posted.

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I will be following since I will be doing the same this summer. I am going to add the Access point also. I already converted it to the sharkfin the other day. Can’t believe they put the arial on them.

Yeah I’m waiting to hear back from visual garage about an alto blue sharkfin…had one on my 15 and my son wants it for his. Will be blacking out most of the trim/grille in spring as well

I stuck with the OEM Sharkfin. Those come on the Fusions that have the Access Point TCU. Found a color matched one on Ebay, got the wiring for it out of a wrecked 2020 Titanium. The rear window on the Hybrid Plugin has the radio antenna built into it even though it is not being used. I got the 2 defroster isolators and the Antenna connector for it and am using that just fine. My GPS and Sirius use the Shark Fin just fine. Once I put in the TCU I will just need to run the Antenna wire for that and it should be good.

After doing this I can see why Ford did not offer that option to upgrade as it’s a different Roof harness. I don’t believe the Access Point was ever an option in the Plugins. Guess I will have a one in a kind.