Upgrading to 3.4 question

Hi all, 1st time poster, actually only found out about this site recently , a few quick questions if anyone can advise or direct me

Currently running sync 3.0 , looking to upgrade to 3.4 , thing is my maps are f10 and from what I see the upgrade carries f9, is there a way to just update the software and not the maps ,if not no biggie , also bit confused on which file to download to process upgrade , the one on the main page has the downloader but the one in the shop has the title maps, which one should I be downloading ?

Currently all Syn3 Updater and related things are offline, read our big banner

Yep, you can’t do anything for the time being with Syn3Updater, maybe that will change in the near future, but it’s out of CyanLabs’ control.

About your questions, no, you can’t install just 3.4 leaving your current maps. Upgrading from 3.0 you need to reformat the unit, thus erasing everything…

You are from Ireland right?
Unless I’m mistaken, that’s contained in EU, so you could just use those maps, which are F10.

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Thanks guys, much appreciated feedback , just my luck eh, good to know if and when it does come back ,(fingers crossed) I can get a download

Correct in sunny Ireland :joy:, so I’ll sit and wait

Thanks again and apologies for the newbie non knowledge

@Breenge , it seems Ford solved the issue, so try again now.

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