Upgrading to sync 3.4

Does this fix the crap dab reception issues

I would say it all depends :wink:
In my opinion you have to be more specific.
Most likely infos used versions of the Sync version, hardware and software version of the APIM and ACM will help that someone can give you the information.
Personally there was no major improvement, but also not major issue updating my Sync3.0 Pre MY18.5 in respect to the DAB performance.
Initial Sync version was 3.0.19205 and i updated to 3.4.20196
Anyhow i had no issues with DAB before, most likely the crappy performance can be also related to the DAB antenna and especially to the SNR of the LNA.

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No, the ACM is a seperate module which isn’t upgraded using this. Forscan beta or UCDS can update the ACM


Spoken like a true engineer…!

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