USB drive is empty (not formatted) after using syn3 updater

Hi Guys,

I recently bought a 2018 focus second hand, and wanted to upgrade sync 3.
After using the app, i cant get acces to the usb drive and windows wants to format the disc.


I’ve attached a photo of what the app has downloaded.

What to do from here? - Also - Is it necessary for me to to get the osb adapter and FORscan to do update to 3.4 ?

This has happened to me a few times, not been able to replicate it, just try again.

You don’t need to have forscan to sync update. All you need is a prepared USB.

I found that laptops, especially Mac, have rather aggressive power savings policies and will turn off usb devices after a short time. Even desktop computers do it, but usually takes longer. This might be a case of simply keeping the disk alive…

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