USB Hub not working (part number hs7t-14f014-ac)

Hi All,
all USB port are not working (not charging) . Blue led, the USB port on the centrale console is ON.
I think that the USB hub is dead.
Can you confirm that ? how to be sure that is the problem ?
can I replace it by another model than the oem hs7t-14f014-ac ?

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Not a real way to confirm that other than changing the HUB.
But if they are unpowered, either the APIM is bad or the HUB is bad.
Just double check all cables are properly seated.

For part numbers reference, please check → Media Hub, CarPlay Compatible - 2015-2020 Ford/Lincoln - SYNC 3

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The blue (or white if its a Lincoln) surround LED and the charging are powered from the 12v module power connector, not the USB port on the APIM.
The USB data IC can be bad and the module continue to charge, conversely if the 12v power to the module is bad the module will be completely dead.

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So need to change the USB HUB…

Do you have a second port in the car?
Reason I ask is that in the US that part number is used in the Fusion with a second port hanging off a cable plugged into the back of it.
If you only have one USB port you could use the narrow 2 port version of the module if you wanted to. HC3Z-19A387-H

The single port version is HS7Z-19A387-R

Yes, I have 2 ports.
One on the centrale console (on the box, here is the hub principal ) and the second is near the gear level.

The one to the very front of the car is typically the actual module.
The one furthest from the front is usually just a port on a long cable snapped into a trim bezel.
This is what that looks like:

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