Hi Everyone
I upgraded my 2013 ford escape to sync 3.4 but I every so often get a message that my usb hub is not supported. I am using GC3T -14F014 -BB and from another thread it looks like that is an older hub. Does anyone know what part number I should be looking for. There seems to be a lot out there and I want to get the right one to enable wireless carplay with an adaptor

Thank you so much

It really depends on your car etc, hopefully it has what you need in that topic by @F150Chief though :crossed_fingers:

I am not seeing a listing for the 2013 escape but i should look at the later years and use those correct?
Thanks again for helping out so fast

If it looks like it fits it’s probably the right part, just make sure it looks right i guess :slight_smile:

Awesome man, Thanks so much