USB hubs are not supported. Please remove

I am new to the forum so if this has been asked I am sorry. Just did the upgrade and it is working like a charm. The only error message I am getting is "USB hubs are not supported. Please remove. " when the system boots up. I did try a master reset but it is still coming up. I am driving a 2016 Ford Focus Titanium.

2016 cars were still using old USB hubs, replace it with a newer model, don’t have the part number to hand unfortunately.

Thank you for the help. I found the new one and just ordered it. Also thank you for the software to upgrade my system. You made it very easy to do.

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Great. No problem :smiley:

I have ordered the new USB hub for my 2016 Expedition. Can I go ahead and update to Sync 3.4 or should I wait until I change the hub?

You can do the upgrade either before or after the update. SYNC should recognize the new hub in both cases.

I completed the update and am fully functional with Sync 3.4!!! Thank you for putting all this together.

Hopefully my new USB will arrive this week and I can get Apple CarPlay up and running.

Joined simply to make this post for anyone trying to track it down, the USB Hub / Module part number for a 2016 F150 is:


Hope that helps anyone else looking for it, check online and call your local dealer, it was cheaper for me to pick it up direct from the dealer here.

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Ofcourse it’s worth noting this is dependent on car, there are different sized USB HUBS, don’t blindly order this part number before confirming it’s suitable for your specific car.

so here is the part number (HU5T 14F014-AA, HU5T 14F014-AB) this is the one for ford focus and mustang this will give android auto and apple carplay capability when you install it

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Absolutely, my bad, edit to my original post, Brain fart when I made it!

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I upgraded my Sync 3 v2 to 3.4 last night and it resolved a boatload of issues I was having… but this error popped up.

I wanted to say thanks for having this question asked and answered, I’ve already ordered a carplay compatible USB port so this should be resolved Monday!


I get the same message on start up but it works fine on AA and usb mem stick

Thanks for your input but yeah like above the fix is to replace your USB hub.

I have the same issue on my 2016 Edge. Is the USB hub easy to replace? I don’t even know where it is located. Thanks.

OEM Genuine Ford APPLE CARPLAY Interface Module -Sync 3 Only- HC3Z-19A387-E Blue | eBay
You will probably need the adapter for the power wire also…I don’t know.

Here is a thread about how to replace the hub. The -E model is the replacement for the -B model.
2016 Edge, Sync Version 2.0 Apple Car Play - Accessories & Modifications - Ford Edge Forum

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I know this was posted last year, but thanks for the info. I was looking for the correct PN so I could upgrade my hub to get rid of the Hubs not supported message.

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I had this issue when I upgraded my 2016 F-150 to Sync 3.4. I ordered my replacement USB port from this ebay link. It showed up in 2 days and fixed the issue. No adapter needed. Seems the link is selling an even newer version now. The suffix at the end is now -F.

I have been replacing them with even newer ones that have the USB-C ports in them now.

No fast charge from the USB-C ports, be aware.

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