USB playback issue with sync 3.4 versions

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I’m having exactly the same issue and it’s a pain in the hoop.
i’ve updated everything except APPS to 20282 and its still there.
APPS are 20132 that came with car from ford.
Really is annoying.
Any ideas?

Try installing 20351

Is it skipping or is it the wrong audio source issue. Both are fixed in 3.4.20351.

Not quite 100%. It still happens, not so often though as in 20282. I think this version (20351) is a beta one, maybe in the full release this will be completely fixed.

It’s like a scratched cd as described in the post I quoted.
And sometimes when I turn on the car sync doesnt recognise the usb for a few minutes.
I’d like to clarify though that I’ve had this problem from when I got the car new, so it’s not from downloading from cyanlabs.

Does not matter, the builds accesible via the tool are the same that F uses… They are not custom, they are F’s

Would downloading the latest APPS package change anything to do with usb playback? Like I said all the other packages are upto date.

Beta builds and releases are the same, only difference is that Ford makes a copy of the update and adds the interrogator log to report back to ford.

I didn’t have this problem when I had 3.3 so if I switched the latest gracenotes for the 3.3 version I wonder would that work?
Or could I even do that?
If anyone could come up a a definite solution I’d be willing to make a donation. I’m on the road a lot and the usb stick get me though the day…

Have you tried reformatting the usb and copying all the music again? I had the same issue a few months ago with my 256GB SSD and this worked for me. (Skipping when playing from the usb, but not other sources.)

Gracenotes will not fix the issue. But the latest Gracenotes is for 3.3 and 3.4, same file.

I’ll give that a shot.

I tried everything and no success.
Even updating everything to 20351 and reformatting the usb hasn’t worked. Gonna downgrade to 20136 and take it back to ford and hope they don’t notice i used this software.
thanks anyway.

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