USB ports don't work after rear camera install, found an unconnected wire. Can this be the cause?

I’ve just found after they installed a reverse camera this wire was left in my cup holder

Is this something related to why my USB ports don’t work anymore?
Like I said my USBS worked absolutely fine on your 3.4 sync3 before this reverse camera was installed

Many thanks for your help

Hello there.

It’s never good to find an unconnected wire lying around, but I do not know if that is wire is related somehow to the USB ports.

Lets see if anyone else has some insight about what that wire may be.

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That looks like a APIM to screen cable, more technically known as a LVDS cable


I’ve pulled the USB hub out from under the arm rest and all wires connected. Do these lead into the back sync 3 unit somewhere which they might of not connected back in?

You have some Mini USB style connectors on the APIM that the USB hubs will eventually go to

They are Mini USB with some industrial plastic moulds

Nice thanks - it’s getting pulled out again on Friday so I’m hoping it’s these haven’t been connected again and that’s the problem.

on a Focus it takes like 5 minutes to get to the APIM, trust me i know, i did it like 30 times in my old Focus ST :laughing: just double check all the wires and you can also try using a mini usb adapter and plugging a USB directly in (not that you likely have one, but you can get them on amazon pretty easily)

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Of course this only covers the data connection, they also have power connections in the hub aswell

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There are 2 cable connections on the USB hub. A usb connection and a power connection. Based on your model year, you’re looking for a plug with 2 rows of 4 pins that will fit onto the USB hub on the rear. The connector is possibly white.

I would say it’s black not white but the rest matches up with my old focus

All fixed now was left un plugged took a few minutes to take the unit out and find the issue straight away, thanks for the help guys

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Great!, glad it worked out.
Thanks for sharing!

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