Used Sync3 nav or not?

I have bought a sync3 for conversion from sync1 on a kforduga is there a way to tell if it has sat nav or not as I have no way to try it till I get a cable made up for it?

I’m 90% sure that is nav from the model number.

If you detach the apim from the screen, you’ll find a sticker that will say 64gb NAV if you want to confirm (these only exist on EU apims)

Yep, nav 64GB.

There are plenty of folks making conversion kits with cabling for Sync 1 to 3 conversions. Rather than trying to make your own…

Thanks can you recommend any need one for a Ford kuga mk2 2014 with the Sony stereo sync1.

Are you in the US?

Nevermind, you have a Kuga…are you in EU?
What year Kuga?

Sync 1 to Sync 3 retrofit | Ford Kuga Owners Club Forums

Hi I’m in the uk so my cable options seem very limited most people are trying to make their own up reading on forums like kuga owners.