Voice assistant problems

Ciao a tutti qualcuno dopo il downgrade ha perso i comandi vocali per il navigatore? Le indicazioni su un percorso funzionano bene, ma se clicco sul pulsante dell’assistente vocale e chiedo un qualsiasi comando riguardante il navigatore il sync non riconosce il navigatore, come se la macchina ne fosse sprovvista, premetto che dopo il downgrade ho dovuto installare le mappe separatamente perché nel sync non funzionavano, ora dopo l’installazione delle mappe funziona tutto bene tranne i comandi vocali riguardanti il navigatore

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I’m sorry
Hello everyone after the downgrade has anyone lost the voice commands for the navigator? The directions on a route works well, but if I click on the voice assistant button and ask for any command regarding the navigator, the sync does not recognize the navigator, as if the car did not have it, I state that after the downgrade I had to install the maps separately because in the sync they did not work, now after the installation of the maps everything works fine except the voice commands regarding the navigator

Perform a Master Reset on Sync. If that does not help, you will probably need to re-install the NAV VOICE file(s). This is a somewhat common issue with the maps install from Ford.

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thanks a lot, i solved it with a master reset

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