Voice Guidance minimum volume stuck at 7?

I own a Ford Puma since 2022 (Europe). Sync3 official version, build 3.4.21194.
I know I can set the volume for navigation voice instructions while the instruction is playing. It seems I can only go higher than 7 (not sure what the upper limit is). If I go lower than 7, the next instruction will be at level 7 again, which is way too loud in some situations.
This happens both with the built-in nav and with Google Maps connected with Android Auto (wired).

I already went through a Sync update (can’t remember what the initial version was), but the issue persists.

Is it a known issue? Can it be fixed?

Did you try a master reset?

I did not (yet), but I failed to mention that other people reported the same issue to me so I’m wondering whether it’s like this by design or it only affects a few of us.

Do you have the same issue?

I’m not having any issues but it seems lots of random problems are cured with a reset. Its easy to do and has no penalty other than having to do some personal configuration.

Do you have the same software version without this volume issue?
If so, I’ll surely try a reset.

I’m on 3.4.23308 and reset out of routine after installing because thats what you’re supposed to do between upgrades.

Exactly…a master reset is always advised after any update to clear any bugs and is no big deal as normally you only have to pair your phone again later.
With my last update (3.4.23088) my SatNav was not recognized until I did a master reset.

This is not actually what a normal user is “supposed to do between upgrades” as the system should be able to manage upgrades correctly.
But yeah, I’ll try that since my issue is really annoying. Thanks!

Did you do the update through Cyanlabs?
If so it actually IS ‘what a normal user is supposed to do between upgrades’ and they always recommend that you do a master reset after the upload in the car.

If you downloaded through the Ford update system by USB or wifi maybe not so much but it certainly does not hurt to do a master reset anyway to clear any lingering bugs.

I didn’t, I have the official version (for now). I’ll try another official upgrade and a reset and report back :slight_smile:

Why do you think it’s advised so often by our forum guru’s?

Thank you.

I seem to remember a bug or something some time ago about this with certain vehicles, mainly C1CMA based. I would think this would have been fixed by now but maybe just a coincidence…

I updated to 3.4.22200 (the official one) and also tried a reset, the issue is still there.
I guess this is “by design” even though I don’t understand the reasoning behind it.

Can anyone confirm?

Interesting. First I’ve heard of this. I usually keep mine above 7 so may be why I haven’t experienced it on my C-Max. I’ll have to experiment later and report back if it happens on mine with 23088.

Thank you, your report would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I just had a chance to try it on mine earlier and didn’t have the same issue. I’m assuming you mean the ‘Prompt’ volume. I was able to adjust it down to like 2-4 and it stayed between each prompt instance even going between Android Auto and the factory nav.

Mine’s also a Sony system with an external DSP/amp (ACM set for External Variable for the main outputs) if that happens to make any difference.

I mean the satnav voice instructions. So either they fixed it in 23088 or it’s quite a different system on the C-Max. Thank you for this anyway :slight_smile:

Ok. Yeah, that would be the prompt volume. You can try the later versions and see if it fixes it. Moving between 3.4 releases is easy so you can downgrade after if you choose/it doesn’t fix the issue.

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