Voice is ticked off/stuttering

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I have updated my Sync 3 with the tool to version 3.4 20196.
As a method, I chose the Reformat variant so that everything is installed cleanly.

I have used version 3.4 20136 before without any problems.

The problem, which I have now, is that the voice prompts during navigation are ticked off or the voice stutters. I have already made a factory reset.

If it is relevant, I own a Ford Kuga with a year of construction 2019.

What can I do?

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Never seen any one report this issue maybe someone else can help.

Hi - I’ve reported the following in the UK Ford Focus forum
I’m on 3.420196 (from 3.319052)- another has reported voice break up on 3.420136. Language is UK.

  • when pressing the voice control button - I just hear a ding - rather than a ding followed by ‘Sync please say a command’
  • when listening to help for commands after 10-15 seconds of good quality speech the voice often ‘breaks up or skips’ (seemingly at the same point)
  • after issuing the command ‘voice control settings’ - the spoken output breaks up and seems to include references to file names (eg for tones) !

@Louage you have a UK focus any feedback?

DIng – Ford got rid of that “please say” thing a few builds ago. Maybe they just removed the other sound before the ding in this build?

Skips - I had this happen one time before when I only updated APP and VOICE packs without reformat. Reformat fixed it, but OP says they already did that. Wonder if something is causing a high load on the APIM?

With no other support that “wishful thinking”, what I would do is to:

  • Master Reset
  • Downgrade
  • Master Reset
  • Upgrade again to the desired version
  • Master reset

I mean, if you hadn’t issues with the previous release, you should not have them now…

If this is just the regular OS app voice, then reinstall your voice app, it’s corrupted. The OS voice app can be loaded independently, thru an autoinstall file. If this is the NAV voice, you will probably need to do the reformat.

I checked my car, and it’s also only the ding then I give a command. That seems like it’s supposed to be that way. I like it actually, faster than before with the drawn out tone and then the ding. I don’t have any skipping in the feedback. I checked that voice settings message as it was fine too. I’d re-install. Maybe it’s a problem just for your region?

I don’t ever use the built in voice command stuff, but will have a try.

I recall there is an advanced mode or similar for the voice command that makes the speech more verbose, is that active?

The break up issue sounds like corruption or high CPU…

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An update on my earlier report in case it is of use to anyone else

Background & more info:
Ford Focus Zetec 18.5 - UK first registered July 2019

Unlike the original poster, I’d upgraded from 3.3.19052 F7 maps to 3.4.20196 F9 maps (new) via the ‘Ford’ method ie no reformat

Two main issues
Voice ‘break up’. By break up I mean voice would stop/pause briefly/restart. This happened following saying ‘help’, for example. The break up occurred at the same place in the spoken output, if the command was repeated. Also spoken navigation instructions would sometimes break up.

The spoken output from the command ‘voice control instructions’ included what seemed like filename locations for sample sounds rather then the sound itself. (An error in my earlier post gave ‘voice control settings’ as the command, sorry.)


  1. Reinstalled system voice for 3.4.20196
    • both symptoms remained
  2. Downgraded sync to 3.4.20136, together with system voice & logos, for that version.
    • Voice break up was less than with 3.4.20196 but still present.
    • The output to ‘voice control instructions’ included sample tones rather than filenames, ie output was as expected.
  3. Used syn3updater to downgrade/reformat & install 3.4.20196 & F9 (new) maps.
    • Voice break up was no longer present
    • The output of ‘voice control instructions’ still included what seemed like filename locations for sample sounds rather then the sound itself. The sounds referenced by filename location (eg for a non-understood command) do seem to work - so it appears to me there is a minor bug in the UK version of system voice for 3.4.20196 (5U5T-14G391-AM), perhaps because its beta ?

Aside: I waited several days after both step 1 & step 2, to see if the symptoms would change.

Thanks to all who responded.

Good to know. Thank You 4 sharing.

It makes perfect sense that the downgrade to 3.3 would solve the issue since that is a completely different app and voice file that take less storage than the 3.4 counterparts. By doing this, you were able to completely remove the corrupted “Ford install”, which is known to have issues and leaves many installations incomplete. It works most of the time.

5U5T-14G381-EG/5U5T-14G391-CM is production release for 2021 US models. I would assume this is the same for the other language files.