Voice_nav: 4u5t-14g422-bae_1580861780000.tar.gz

i have always the same problem with this file VOICE_NAV: 4U5T-14G422-BAE_1580861780000.TAR.GZ in all versions,can anyone tell me why and what can I do to fix the bug?

That’s not s problem thats a filename. Provide details included the error message

what is this?

What’s the timer on the right say? When did it happen? How many minutes in?

the timer says 28 minutes, it happened again today. I’ve been trying for a month, the error is always the same.

28 minutes in … You are trying to install EU navigation on a non EU unit. This will never work.

yes, that’s it.I have an American car, some time ago I managed to install the European maps. I followed the cyanlabs site where I found updates. I tried to install them but without success

You will never install EU maps on a NA unit. You may however install a cutdown version. Cyanlabs does not support changing region you are on your own.

What country are you from?

I coming from Switzerland CH

Hi. My car is a mustang I purchased in USA. 3 years later I move to Spain. So I Sent the sync system to Customtronix (Sweden) to get the EU maps installed and the hardware system upgraded to 64Gb. So, I have had sync updated many times (from 3.2 to 3.3 and 3.4 (Now 20136) and F9 maps ) sucessfully.

not sure if you are trying to tell me something here? the reason it works for you is like you said you have upgraded storage to 64gb

I was trying to help Badboy cause he said his car is USA(same as mine) and has trouble installing EU maps. I got it fixed thanks to Customtronix.

I see :slight_smile: was confused as you replied to me rather than him

OMG. Sorry about that. Just joined a couple days ago and don’t control this website yet

haha no worries :slight_smile: !

Hi. I have the same problem for my car and I don’t know what to do how to repair. Can you help me urgently please…

I’m writing from Turkey. I send a picture which old version before updating.

İf I can’t upload version 3.4, how can reuse an old version??

I can make a custom EU package for Turkey only, this is a paid service $20 via PayPal and will then be usable by all users in the future. The package will show up under map versions on the app and manual method