Weird issue - 2018 Navigator

I’ve done the update on a 2018 lincoln navigator and am now having an issue I have not seen mentioned online. Basically, the sync 3 interface only shows over the top 3rd left of the screen. Its as if its not driving the full resolution of the display properly. Carplay and the startup logo use the whole screen, but touch input is not registered outside of the native sync3 display area.

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If you have previously changed your theme or any other asbuilt related to it, then please revert it to the default.

Did you use the application to download the update of did you attempt to manually build it? If the later, you may hsve installed the 4" screen version of the update.

I’ve never touched the as built parameters, and I used the latest version of the tool on this site.

100% your asbuilt is not correct like @Louage said. Whether you changed it or someone who previously had the car did it’s been changed. Use forscan to change it back.

Thank you for your assistance. Any ideas what parameters I ought to be looking at?

That would help wouldn’t it :man_facepalming:


7D0-03-01: ####-XX##-####


01 = Ford Classic Blue (UK Default)
02 = Ford Timeless
03 = Lincoln Timeless
04 = Lincoln Next
05 = Ford GT


Note for Ford GT Theme: 7D0-02-01 must have ####-#D##-#### set

However I can’t currently recall which is the correct on

ok I will investigate that… I’ve downloaded the as-built from motorcraft as well.

I have 3 more vehicles after this one, so wish me luck.

I’ve used forscan and verified that all of my as-built data is factory for the APIM…

This is the floating 10.1" screen in this vehicle. I will post a picture of what I am seeing shortly.

I hope this will let me post an image.

The entire screen is activated by the 360 camera system and CarPlay. Nav maps display on the whole screen but the UI winds up over the middle.

Try these values at 7D0-03-01: 7D0-03-01: ####-XX##-####
07 = 10" Horizontal Sync 3.4
08 = 10" Vertical Sync 3.4

Can’t recall the as-built value but you need to set your theme to 10 inch version

Hi, I believe that if someone changes the APIM settings at some point, they are (unlike all other ASBuilt data) is uploaded back to Ford (if wifi updates are turned on) so it does not actually stay as )Factory as Built). example : if some one changes the flash screen to something else then this will get reported back and become the AsBuilt data back at Ford.

I suspect the guy with the 10 inch screen had a screen size change in APIM data and this got updated back to Ford, so when he downloaded the “asbuilt” for the APIM it was no longer what was Asbuilt at the factory. I suspect that the APIM is the only module that does this especially if they have WiFi updating turned on.

I am the original owner of the vehicle and the asbuilt data has not been changed… I’ve never even run forscan on this truck until after attempting the update.

It is possible the theme designation has changed from 2018 → whatever ships with the 2020 models. I’ve now forgotten what sync 3 version the unit had before actually. It is the first year of the new navigator redesign.

The answer, for the sake of anyone who runs across this, was to set the value in question to 07. Works great now.


I had the same issue on my 2019 Navigator. I upgraded from stock (3.0) to 3.4 and have the small screen issue. I tried downgrading to 3.3 (the lowest version possible) and it didn’t help. I also tried a couple of other 3.4 versions and although there’s some minor differences in behavior, the screen size stays the same.

One other thing to note - the menu / screen size is reduced and even in CarPlay which fills the screen, it only responds to touch in the smaller area.

I guess I need FORScan now… :slight_smile:

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As indicated above, the fix is to reset the theme, as the theme mapping in 3.4 is different than before.
Change the value at 7D0-03-01: ####-XX##-####
07 = 10" Horizontal Sync 3.4

Check out the APIM Database thread on this site.


It’s a piece of software that lets you configure vehicle settings that aren’t otherwise available. You need an adapter to connect a laptop to the vehicle - the FORScan website lists some options with pros and cons. It looks like the adapter costs about $50 for a decent one, and the price of the software varies based on how many years you purchase it for (anywhere from a free trial to $50 for a lifetime licenses I think).

I had the same issue on my 2019 Navigator!