What are the latest maps for Sync 3 3.0.20204?

Hello, before updating with cyanlabs I had version Sync 3 3.0.20204, and now I have two curiosities:

  1. I understand that I was not going to receive a software update through the official Ford channel, can you confirm?

2.Was I going to receive new versions of the map through the official Ford channel?

Concerning Sync 3.0.20204, you will not receive any software updates for Sync 3.0 as this version is deprecated, as well as Sync 3.2 and 3.3. Sync 3.4 is the only active Sync 3 version at this time. As far as maps, you could receive map updates for Sync 3.0 if you were to subscribe to Ford’s Nav Update feature, at least for NA vehicles. This is a paid subscription. This is the same for Sync 3.4 if your complimentary map updates have expired. For EU vehicles, you can use the Syn3 Updater to install the most recent maps as long as you are running Sync 3.4.

Thank you very much for the reply

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