What guides do you want to see?

Hey guys,

What guides do you want to see relating to Ford / Ford Sync?

Let me know.


Or features on the desktop application (FordSyncDownloader) for that matter.

Hello, would be great to see how to install eu maps to na region, because car from usa :slight_smile: and maybe can choose whitch countrys do you need.

Cutting down EU maps to make it fit on NA apim’s is easy but i need to know the correct AsBuilt etc, without having a NA unit in the UK i can’t test this completely and therefore it’s not something i want to support.

If someone in the US or somewhere with a NA APIM has one they want to send me i will be happy to do some testing and get this implemented both manually and in the application :slight_smile:

I had a problem with updating from 3 to 3.4, now its 3.4 and works good, but carplay stopped working. All in all i want to install navigation with eu maps (lithuania, latvia, estonia, poland, germany, baltarussia).
I can give all info whitch you need.

Unfortunately that is of no help to me, i need a unit in my hands to be able to assist with this process, anything less will be more hassle than it’s worth.

I think that this guy has the unit that you what are looking for:

and lives in UK, so, seems to be easy to contact him.

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