Where are Guam Maps located?

Trying to view Guam on Sync 3 before sending a module out to somebody but it’s just not popping up! Since Guam is a US territory I’d assume it would be available in the NA maps package but it’s just coming up blank when zooming into the region.

Can anybody with ROW or ANZ maps check and see if their maps package has Guam on it?

Many thanks!

I don’t see a listing for Guam in the descriptions. Probably in ROW…if it exists at all.
Map files:
4U5T-14G421-FAH 4.9Gb Sync3 v3.2.20147 CAM (19Q4), Caribbean (1912), India (19Q4), Israel (1912), MENA (19Q4), SAF (19Q4), SEA (1912)

US territories are not contained in NA files.
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EDIT: Yes Guam maps are confirmed in ROW.

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