Why language can not be changed

i upgrade to 19101. All is working except nav voices and languages. On languages i have UK english and 3 others, no way to select US english. I explicitly downloaded files which contain US english voice and nav voice( corrected reformat file) but even i run upgrade again i still have the old languages! any idea how to change them?

You have previously changed your asbuilt from US to another country, likely you changed it to get movement restrictions partially lifted.

yes originaly i have done US to EU, now i have done EU to US( native) but still have english (UK) as main language.

It’s not related to that, what is your AsBuilt set to, your asbuilt controls the region of your unit. a guy in our discord said


OK, so if i understood right this can be changed with forscan? yes, my region is set to EU. I just cant understand then why we upload all the nav voices and languages if this is regulated through asbuild

Firstly, if you are trying to change region from something different to what your APIM originally was you will have issues, CyanLabs does not support this and therefore doesn’t provide any information regarding it.

If you are trying to return back to the original region you will need to change your AsBuilt

The navigation voice packages are for navigation voice, the voice packages are for text to speech, prompts etc. the TEXT language aka the display language is stored in the APPS package, and then the allowed language options are dictated by your asbuilt.

Thanks! i guess what i gotta do is change region to Germany or Poland, if i wanna have US English…


How can i change to Vietnamese language in APIM & background ?

Can you guide me that?

Thank you.