WiFi Hotspot Control missing after 3.4 update

Good morning,

I updated to 3.4 build 19200 NA with maps on a 19 Expedition Limited and all seems to work correctly except the control for the internal WiFi hotspot.

I cannot find where to set the SSID and key for the LTE WiFi hotspot. After doing a factory reset I can see that the hotspot is broadcasting but so far I have no way to control it. When I got to the Vehicle WiFi applet all that is there are settings to control how the vehicle to connects to external WiFi.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


Myself and FMA haven’t got any experience of the Sync connect modem I’m afraid, I’d advise asking over at the F150 forum (https://www.f150forum.com/f118/sync-connect-retrofit-any-ford-452708/) as they are routinely installing these in F150s and may be able to help out.

Right on. Thanks a ton and will do. I have half a mind to revert back to 3.3 via this tool and then update to factory 19205 which was my original. Do you see any problems with that? I am attaching pics of my original files/versions.



I’m afraid that isn’t possible, 3.0.19205 is sync 3.0, you’re now on 3.4 and the lowest you can go back to is 3.2. I’d advise reaching out over there as I’m sure they’ll have some suggestions

Yeah it’s not possible to go back to below 3.2, I’m sure someone on that forum can help or maybe even someone on here but unfortunately both me and Louage do not have this function.

No worries at all guys and thanks for all the time and effort you put in to this tool on your own time as well as the help! One way or another I’ll figure this out and post what the solution is. This isn’t so much a problem as more of a PITA. All remote functions calling into the vehicle to lock, unlock, start and diags via the Ford App work. The only issue is just connecting the kids tablets so they don’t drive me insane on the road is unavailable at the moment. Haha.

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Sync 3.4 moved some things around. For the modem settings, it will be under Settings>Fordpass or Fordconnect. This requires(?) that you have set up the vehicle with Ford Connect thru your phone. Ford owner website has all the details.

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yeah I found mine there too, its just in a different spot.

Thanks gents. Good Lord, sometimes rhyme and reason for where Ford places things certainly escapes me… this is a prime example.

I can say that 3.4.19200 is a much better UI/UX to be sure. I may be petty but night/dark mode full time just tickles my feathers!

Respect to you all and thanks!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I usually keep it in dark mode also.