We have a customer that purchased a used 2019 Ford F150 Raptor that was manufactured for the Puerto Rico Market. It came in with a the SYNC 3 screen blank and radio inoperative. We replaced and programmed the APIM module which brought the infotainment system back to working. Where we are having an issue is that there is no icon for satellite radio on the source screen. The window sticker shows SiriusXm and the build information lists IBBAB satellite radio. We replaced and programmed the ACM and that did not resolve the issue. It looks like vehicles destined for Puerto Rico have the SiruisXm disabled. The APIM (KU5T-14G371-CDF) and (ACM KL3T-18D832-FG) are programmed to the latest software levels. Looking at same year trucks in the United States the APIM and ACM modules are the same.
Using Forscan we were able to change some blocks to get the Sirius logo to appear as a source and the satellite radio does come up and play. The issue we are having is that the presets for Sirius will not store stations, AM and FM stations do store and function. I’m hoping that someone here can point me in the right direction over which blocks have to be changed to enable the presets to work in all three modes, or if the Cyan3 updater will resolve the issue.
2019 F150 Raptor VIN: 1FTEX1RG9KFA47454

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: Unknown

Install Type: OEM

Old SYNC Version: 3.4

New SYNC Version: 3.4

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?
no error messages

Update Method: Official Ford

Check the Autostore/Mixed Mode Preset setting.

Just in case people are wondering if you can get SiriusXM service, from the SiriusXM website:
Where are SiriusXM services available?
You can enjoy SiriusXM Satellite Radio within the 48 contiguous US states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico (with some limitations), Canada, up to 150 nautical miles out into the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, and the Great Lakes.

Thank you very much for your assistance, I am not well versed in what values are the ones I should be looking for, we normally just program using Ford FDRS.
We have toggled that from 8 to 0 with no effect. Is it possible that the country code in 7D0-02-01 needs to be changed from 5251(Puerto Rico) to 5553 (USA)? I had overlooked the country code when the truck was here.

Could you post your asbuilt for the acm and apim>

1FTEX1RG9KFA47454.ab (46.7 KB)

The only change made to either module was on the APIM 7D0-01-01 *XXX-XXXX-XXXX Factory as built was an 8, changed it to A and that is what brought Sirius up as a source on the screen.

Based on the asbuilt you supplied, try the values in the attached text file.
1FTEX1RG9KFA47454 Asbuilts APIM ACM.txt (2.4 KB)

Be aware that you will need to power cycle the APIM and ACM for some changes to take affect.

Be aware that if you change the country code to PR that the maps will not work. This is also based on the GPS location. You can reference this tutorial to do that.
Tutorial: Installation of ROW (NNG) Maps on NA 32GB Sync 3 APIM - Ford / Guides - CyanLabs Official Community

Since you are using FDRS, likely connected to Ford Service, you might be overwriting the OEM factory asbuilt as you make changes. Do you know the part numbers of the original APIM and ACM that were replaced? If these are different, especially the ACM being X40 or not, this will be causing the issues you are seeing with SDARS.

Thank you!

The ACM and APIM are the same numbers, so I would take it that the receiver is X40 due to 7D0-08-01 being XXX0-XXXX-XX—.
As far as the power cycle would it just be ignition off and on, or would it be better to do a battery reset?
Is there any reason to change the maps then? The customer has not mentioned any issues there.

Just ignition cycle.

US maps do not contain PR, you will need ROW maps if that is desired.

The asbuilt setting would indicate that, but the receiver is X40 anyways.

Thanks again for all of your input. We will probably get the customer back in next week and hopefully resolve this.

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From Rick H…

I wanted to inform you that the information you provided did solve the issue.

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