'19 Ecosport sync to Sync 3

I would like to install the 8" screen on my MIL Ecosport (base model) from the 4" screen. I’m trying to find the correct p/n’s (that will work) for the screen and APIM. Before I spend the money on getting the items I want to make sure I’m getting the correct ones.

What year is the Ecosport? This is for a US vehicle, right?

It’s a 2019 and is a US vehicle.

For a 4" to 8" upgrade you will need a new FCIM (button/sceen surround panel) as well as the APIM and APIM Screen. The USB hub should be fine since it is a later model vehicle. You can verify the hub part number here:
Media Hub, CarPlay Compatible - 2015-2020 Ford/Lincoln - SYNC 3 - Ford / Information - CyanLabs Official Community

You will need FORScan and a good adapter to program the APIM and FCIM. Also, there are a few folks on this forum and Discord who may have experience with the Ecosport models. I don’t know if there is anything special to look out for…

Look for a K-series APIM and screen for the retrofit. This will fit your vehicle and support the vehicle features best. The part number will be something like Kxxx-14G370-xxx,. Here is an extract of the hardware database listing the K-series with NAV…

Part Number NAV? Year
KA8T-14G370-DCA NAV 2019
KJ5T-14G370-KFB NAV 2019
KJ5T-14G370-PGC NAV 2019
KJ7T-14G370-ACB NAV 2019
KJ7T-14G370-ACD NAV 2019
KL3T-14G370-GLF NAV 2019
KL3T-14G370-PCH NAV 2019
KR3T-14G370-CCB NAV 2019
KS7T-14G370-BCF NAV 2019
KS7T-14G370-BCH NAV 2019
KU5T-14G371-CDF NAV 2019
KU5T-14G371-GDE NAV 2019
KU5T-14G371-GFA NAV 2019

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