2011 Lincoln mkx sync 2 to 3 upgrade

after a ton of reading I’m still having a few issues with my sync 2-3 retrofit. originally I thought I had a defective gps antenna as I’m using a cheap one off amazon. (Bingfu brand)

the radio/apim clock wont hold the setting if I manually shut of enable gps time and enter the correct time it will revert back to a random time (top of the hour depending when I try, I’ve tried many times)

if I do a master reset it will set the time to 12:00
the ICP clock and APIM clock do sync with each other after a few minuets.

I did read through the clock master document and my New as-built line
7D0-01-01 is A221-9101-E614
xx21-xxxx-xxxx -
21 = EP on, EPT 30min(FNA),CM-Apim (NA market CGEA 1.2), MC disable, SWC CGEA SCCM
this matches everything I have read pertaining to the appropriate Clock Master Setting

I have line 7D0-01-02 set to xx4x-xxxx-xxxx
this is the original value of the sync 2
4=USB2 Disabled, Navigation Enabled (NNG External HMI), Rear EFP Disabled

the as build data from the new sync 3 was xx2x-xxxx-xxxx
2=USB2 Disabled, Navigation Enabled (Telenav Common HMI), Rear EFP Disabled

this above info was found in the AS Built Data Base and matches the screenshots I took before the swap of the sync 2 and before changes were made to the sync 3 as-built.
Would this affect the antenna issue ? or do I just have a defective antenna

the Navigation does not work there is a Nav Icon on the screen but you just get an error and a black screen when you select NAV (if the antenna is no good this is understandable)

there is no audio from sirius XM would this be due to the GPS antenna ?

the APIM I got was supposedly from a 2017 MKX with NAV. the Part number is HA1T-14G370-KCA

I’ve gone down a rabbit hole pertaining to what antenna to purchase is anyone able to give updated info ?

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: Pre MY20

Install Type: Retrofit

Old SYNC Version: 2

New SYNC Version: 3.0.18093

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?
code:B119F :13:0B GPS Antenna circuit open

Update Method: Official Ford

these are the screen shots of the original As Built files, sync 2 (4 square home screen) and the sync 3 wreaking yard upgrade before any changes were made.

It’s antenna, cabling and what the ACM has in it.
Sirius is delivered through the ACM, did the car have it before?
If it had it before then you have a comm/config issue between the APIM & ACM, if it didn’t you won’t have it as the APIM isn’t the Sirius receiver.
You really can’t directly compare settings from a 2011 Sync2 there’s a lot of other items in the config that have to be set right to get the logic working.

the original apim had working sirius xm. periodically you get a complementary trial that worked. I don’t have a subscription but I thought if it was on channel 00 or 01 you would get a preview with some audio coming through.

any idea what NNG External and Telenav Common HMI is ?

Lincoln MKX is a CGEA 1.2 vehicle, so the asbuilt looks right. Make sure that the antenna is firmly seated on the APIM connector. It should click into place. Do not shorten the antenna cable.

Your Sync 2 original APIM notes that it was programmed for Sat Radio. You will need a subscription to activate it.

2 will be the value you want for NAV for Sync 3.

Fix or replace the GPS antenna. You can see if the antenna works by accessing the test menu and seeing if it is detecting satellites.

Buy a SiriusXM subscription.

If it can talk to the ACM, when you select Sirius under sources and select channel 0 it should give you the Sirius ESN if it can see the ACM.
Telenav Common HMI = Home Interface. NAV shows on the left half of the home screen
Based on the Sync3 APIM DB
7D0-01-02: x*xx-xxxx-xxxx should be a 2 (that would agree with a 2014Ti Escape Sync 3 conversion)
2=USB2 Disabled, Navigation Enabled (Telenav Common HMI), Rear EFP Disabled

7D0-01-02: xx*x-xxxx-xxxx should be a 0 (that would agree with a 2014Ti Escape Sync 3 conversion)
0=SD Slot Present, Speed Limit in HMI Enabled, Non-SSV, Automatic

DE00/7D0-01-01: xxxx-xxxx-*xxx
I have set to E
E=ICAND On, Smart Auto Enabled, My Temp Available, Non RDS Market (NA)
do I want ICAND on or off? If off * = 6

DE00/7D0-01-02: xx*x-xxxx-xxxx Actually be 8 since the SD slot is now eliminated with the new UBS hub?
8=SD Slot Not Present, Speed Limit in HMI Enabled, Non-SSV, Automatic

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On my 2018 Fusion Plat which came from the factory with Sync3 it has SD slot as present even though there isn’t one.
On the 2014 Ti conversion the SD was eliminated also and that’s working without any problem even though the media hub with SD slot has been replaced by a dual USB module.

thanks for clearing that up

On my 2014Ti conversion I have an 8 in 7D0-01-01 xxxx xxxx 8x

I’ll have to look for one of the SD Card+USB modules next time I go through a yard and try that to see if it gives a working SD slot and USB.
Part number is GC3Z-19A387-D and it’s weird for the years it covers, some I know were Sync2/MFT but parts.ford.com shows it as fitting the 2020 F150 and 2023 Mustand

I will check out the GPS antenna in the test menu, I tried connecting it and disconnecting it several times, Never pulled on the wire only the plug, made sure it was bottomed out all the way, and just left the wire coiled up tired with the GPS antenna on the dash as well if the as built was set to NNG External and NOT Telenav Common HMI would that cause a problem ?

I have a My Temp button
but the 2017 MKX AS built is xxxx-xxxx-0xx
0=ICAND Off, Smart Auto Disabled, My Temp Not Available, Non RDS Market (NA)
there is an Auto button, No my Temp

my 2011 mkx is set to
E=ICAND On, Smart Auto Enabled, My Temp Available, Non RDS Market (NA)
just wondering if it should be
6=ICAND Off, Smart Auto Enabled, My Temp Available, Non RDS Market (NA)
2=ICAND Off, Smart Auto Disabled, My Temp Available, Non RDS Market (NA)

WHAT IS ICAND? i know what the acronym stands for.

is Smart auto climate when you set the climate to auto heat or cool or last setting thought your ICP for your remote start settings

i thought that there were only certian USB hubs that apple car play were compatable with ? i purchased GJ7Z-19A387-D Module Interface. it has the dual usb with white lighting to match the lincoln theme

Anything from 2017 on is “safe”.
History here is that some Ford models got Sync3 in 2016, Sync3 1.0 didn’t support AA or CP, an update to Sync3 (v2.x ?) gave you AA but the USB hub modules didn’t support CP.
2017MY got the USB modules that supported both AA & CP, if you look at the 2016 models that got Sync3 (like the Escape) you’ll see two available on some of the Ford parts sites. One is the original, the other lists as "Apple CarPlay Upgrade Only - Not for Warranty Replacement " since not supporting CP wasn’t considered by Ford to be a failed part. The original was discontinued a long time ago, the only place you might find those now is in a salvage yard or going through a discontinued parts seller like Vintage up in Michigan or Green Sales in Cincinnati.

Nav will not work with Sync 3 set to NNG for NA. Needs to be TeleNav.

That would work.

Media Hub, CarPlay Compatible - 2015-2020 Ford/Lincoln - SYNC 3 - Ford / Information - CyanLabs Official Community

just got in from making my changes and just want to say HUGE THANKS for having the AS-Built Database posted. ive gone thought each and every line comparing sync 2 to sync 3.

changing line 7D0-01-02 - X*XX-XXXX-XXXX from 4 to 2
2=USB2 Disabled, Navigation Enabled (Telenav Common HMI), Rear EFP Disabled
Made all the difference. the Nav screen acutally posts a map (not correct location i had removed the gps antenna)

i did order a replacement antenna from Allthingssync.com with intentions sending the amazon one back. i wouldnt be surprised if i threw the amazon one back in and it worked.

as for Audio from the siriusXM its channel 184 that has the commercial/promotion audio. It WOULD work if i had a subscription. i thought it was the lower channels that had the commercials ( just wanted to verify the As Built was set up correctly)

This is my Final AS-Built for a 2011 lincoln MKX for anyone thats needing it. hopefully this will help anyone in the future.

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Good work. Enjoy.