2014 Edge 8" Sync 2 to 3 Issues

Last week I finished retrofitting Sync 3 into my 2014 Ford Edge Limited factory equipped with 8" Sync 2 MFT, but I’m running into a few issues:

  1. Master Reset option is greyed out no matter what I try. I have everything disconnected (not even a disconnected power cable in the USB ports) and no phone connected. I’ve tried with engine off and on but no matter what I do it’s greyed out.
  2. The on-screen climate controls aren’t working. The climate tab shows up, but none of the buttons on it are clickable. The fan speed adjuster highlights and unhighlights as I’d expect when I press the physical climate control buttons to get it in/out of Auto mode. Front and rear defrost both update correctly as well. Heated seats controls and indicators work perfectly on the home screen (including the 3 different levels displaying properly), however on the climate screen they only indicate whether they are on at all (seat icon turns red, 3 level indicators remain off regardless of level) or completely off and the buttons aren’t clickable.
  3. The APIM doesn’t turn on/off when the ignition is on/off, instead it turns on/off when you press the physical audio power button, so when you enter the car that needs to be pressed and again before you exit. Not a big deal, but a bit annoying.
  4. Steering wheel Seek, Voice Control, and Phone rockers don’t work. Volume works fine though which is a bit odd to me.
  5. Having some intermittent nav problems and clock problems, however from reading around I’m pretty sure it’s because of my admittedly cheap antenna. Is there anywhere to buy an OEM one directly from Ford? The only reputable place I’ve found to order one from is NaviUpgrade’s site (I’m also not sure if that’s an OEM one and if it isn’t, if there’s even any practical difference between his and an OEM one).
  6. The Ambient Lighting button (and whatever the “Vehicle” button is) are both greyed out in Settings as well.

I don’t think they’ll be necessary but all the details about my SYNC 2 module are in the spoiler below:

Sync 2 Part Numbers/Software Versions

Part Numbers:
APIM Serial Number: XT202208
Assembly Part Number: DA5T-14D212-RB
H/W Part Number: BM5T-14F130-AB
CCPU S/W Part Number: EA5T-14D544-BA
VMCU S/W Part Number: DM5T-14D205-AG

Software Versions:
VMCU: 2.4.23
CCPU 3.10.16180.EA.0_PRODUCT
SQLite Database: 3.6.21
MS Auto: 4.2 Zephyr
Adobe FlashLite: 3.1.7
DOV Software modem: SyncII V1 aqSDK V2.9.08
BT/WiFi firmware: Broadcom BCM4325
Navigation Application: 5.67.6
Voice Control App: 29125-001-553 12-03-2015
Gracenote Library:
Gracenote Database: 5059

And the details for the SYNC 3 APIM from FORScan as well as the Screen:

APIM - Accessory Protocol Interface Module
Part number: KU5T-14G371-GJA
Calibration level: KU5T-14G371-GJC (latest known: NU5T-14G371-GAG)
Strategy : 1U5T-14G374-DA
Calibration: 1U5T-14G375-HA

It’s a MY19 64GB Nav APIM from a 2019 Fiesta MK8 ST from the UK (Note that I did convert this from EU to NA maps).
And the screen is a GA1T-18B955-SA (8" Recessed from a 2016 Lincoln MKX).

I have copies of the original SYNC 2 AsBuilt as well as the unmodified SYNC 3 AsBuilt as it arrived. I did my best to go through my SYNC 2 AsBuilt with the CyanLabs decoder on the database page and cross-reference that with the SYNC 3 AsBuilt database, updating the values to match. While I felt pretty comfortable making the changes, there’s definitely a possibility I messed up in a few spots since this is my first time touching FORScan/AsBuilt data.

I’m including the original SYNC 2 AsBuilt, the unmodified SYNC 3 AsBuilt, and my current SYNC 3 AsBuilt for reference. As well as an Interrogator Log below:

2FMDK4KC3EBA44022_APIM(SYNC2_ORIGINAL)_20230413_142727.abt (196 Bytes)
2FMDK4KC3EBA44022_APIM(SYNC3_UNMODIFIED)_20230421_194314.abt (495 Bytes)
2FMDK4KC3EBA44022_APIM(SYNC3_CURRENT)_20230422_232924.abt (495 Bytes)
Sync_NY9101C5_2FMDK4KC3EBA44022.xml (10.8 KB)

Hopefully this wasn’t too much information :grin:

Going to try the latest 3.3 build today and then some earlier 3.4 builds and I’ll report back with what happens.

If all else fails I might try upgrading to the newer calibration available for the unit and then if that doesn’t help I’m wondering if an older calibration might help given that it’s an older car? If anyone has any insight it’d be greatly appreciated.

Sorry I did not see this before…

A 2014 Ford Edge/MKX is CGEA 1.2, so make sure all of your settings relating to that are correct. This will affect the clock, nav, etc. It might be better to use a J series APIM for this upgrade, as the K series reduced support for the older CGEA architectures. But, most of this will work.

Your Sync 2 CGEA settings are: 7D0G1G1A2219101E311. Make sure this is the same for Sync 3. Take a look at the Sync 2 database on the site, and cross reference the settings to Sync 3.

I am in an airport getting ready for a flight, but will review your asbuilts later. There are a few corrections to make that will likely solve some of the issues noted. However, the climate controls for CGEA 1.2 do not map well to CGEA 1.3. This is a problem in any 1.2 to 1.3 conversion for Ford/Lincoln. Some of the controls will not work, and some will be backwards. This is widely documented in the F-250/SuperDuty forums.

No problem at all, they’re all pretty much just minor annoyances to me and I haven’t been too bothered using the physical climate controls and such.

I’ll be sure to correct that difference you mentioned in FORScan tomorrow. As I said before in my original post, this is my first time using FORScan so I’m not particularly surprised I messed up in a few spots :sweat_smile:

I’m looking at picking up a JK2T-14G371-FDB APIM with a 06/06/18 MFG date and installing a new, proper GPS antenna at the same time I install the new unit. The pictures of it seem to match up with a gen 3 2018.5 unit looking at your post APIM Firmware Production Releases and the CyanLabs hardware database has 40 entries unanimously stating it’s a 64GB nav-enabled unit. The listing says it comes from a MK8 Ford Fiesta, although I don’t think that makes much of a difference.

Do you think I’ll run into any issues with this unit once I’ve done a fresh install of 23088 + master reset with the proper asbuilt configuration applied?

I have the exact same issues. How do you set your apim CGEA settings? H2GT-14G370-FBD 9/16/16 aipm?

Just applied those CGEA settings and now the steering wheel controls all work, but that’s all it fixed. Going to go through my Sync 2 and Sync 3 configurations side by side on the databse again and see if I can spot any differences that I’ll need to fix.

Yours might differ from mine depending on how your MKX is equipped but you can edit the asbuilt with FORScan or any text editor. You’ll need an adapter to write your changes to the APIM, if you don’t already have one, you can see a list of supported ones here FORScan Supported Adapters, Protocols, and Platforms, I’ve got an OBDLink EX personally.
It’s a bit weird to me that you’re getting all of the same issues on an H-series APIM, I’m asusming in your case they’d all be solvable with AsBuilt changes done in FORScan since the HVAC issues for example are related to my APIM being a K-Series as F150Chief said.

I have a vlinker bluetooth and a few plug in ones too. I know how to use forscan. Well i think i do. I should also not that my AIPM is from a 2016 Edge. I figured that would be an easy swap.

What is the CGEA settings that you applied? Also where is this changed? I dont see cgea in forscan.

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