2015 Mustang W/Retrofit Sync 3 Passive Battery Drain

Early 2021, I updated my retrofitted Sync3 unit to 3.4.20282. Since then I have had passive battery drain while the car is off. I have done the fix listed in FAQ / Common Issues Thread (READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!) . Any suggestions on things I could fix? The Discord indicated it could be bad AsBuilt information since I have a retrofit. Also I bought the retrofit kit from 4D-tech in 2017 if that helps at all.

VIN: 1FA6P8CF2F5385471
Version 5U5T-14G381-EK
APIM Model: GJ5T-14G371-BFC
APIM Type: Non-Navigation 
APIM Size: 8GB 
APIM Free Space: 1.3G 
10/16/2022 12:48:57 PM +00:00

Partition Type = Free / Total
/fs/Nuance/ = 3.1M / 465M
/fs/Nuance/grace = 57M / 1.0G
/fs/rwdata/ = 1003M / 1.2G
/fs/rwdata/quip/ = 35M / 35M
/fs/rwdata/quip/ = 87M / 90M
/fs/mp/ = 128M / 1.4G
/fs/images/ = 1.3G / 3.0G

Installed Packages

APIM AsBuilt
DE00: 62220102220008000080
DE01: 55530602C002008000000000
DE02: 0000010100
DE03: 01000900000000
DE04: 1856195A29D6
DE05: 81
DE06: 100033000000000B65000056566D004C

SYNC Region: North America & Canada

Navigation Variant: No

Install Type: Retrofitted

Old SYNC Version: 2.2.17011

New SYNC Version: 3.4.20282

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: CyanLabs Syn3 Updater

Syn3 Updater Version: Can’t remember exactly, was with the old UI I’m pretty sure

Syn3 Updater Documentation Read: Yes

Syn3 Updater Log File

No longer exists, but this is independent of the actual updating I think.

Your asbuilt is incorrect for:
You have 6222 0102 22xx
You should have 622A 0102 22xx.
2015 Mustang is CGEA 1.3 and uses the BCM for Clock Master.
Return the Illumination Gateway to CGEA.
7D0-06-01: x0xx-xx

See your messages…

Thanks for the quick analysis!

I’ve applied the changes called out in your message and taken it off the tender for the night. Will check it in a day to see if the drain has gone away.

I am a bit suspicious about the 7D0-06-01 *XXX setting as I think that controls the G-meter thing that I never use, but I’ll be unable to test that before spring as it is too cold here for the tires on the car.

That is the internal gyro for the nav and is used for positioning whether you have nav or not. NON-NAV and NAV are different settings.

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