2018 F150 Raptor issue

I upgrade my sync 3 from 3,0 18025 F7 to 3,4 21265 f10 and run to problems.

  1. My key option disappear from my screen and activate all limitation.
  2. My terrain modes is gone so i just have normal and snow.
  3. My lights is flash when i park the car every 10/30 mins.

any idea what to do?

Regards David

SYNC Region: Europe

Navigation Variant: Yes

Old SYNC Version: 3,0 18025

New SYNC Version: 3,4 21265

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: CyanLabs Syn3 Updater

Syn3 Updater Version: 2,10,6,0

Syn3 Updater Documentation Read: Yes

Syn3 Updater Log File

Have you performed a master reset?.
You can also disconnect the battery for about 15-20 minutes, that will force all modules to reboot.
Is the truck stock?.

If this is the original Ford OEM battery, get the battery checked with a load tester. Low voltage conditions can cause weird things on the newer vehicles. It seems the modules are turning off and experiencing low voltage conditions, which can erase memory presets, etc.

Also, this should be an AGM battery as equipped by Ford. DO NOT install a normal SLA in this vehicle.

I have try out both and nothing change. yes the truck is stock.

Don’t now if the battery is oem and have none load tester at home. but i can try to repair the battery with my smart charger and see what is happening.

Leave the charger connected for a day, but disconnect the battery from the truck if possible. That Raptor will draw about 6-8 amps just on ignition, so you don’t want to over stress the charger.

i think it is a ome battery it says ford motor AGM BAGM-94RH7-800.
The current voltage was 12.4 so the charger is on now.

Yep, OEM. I don’t know about Sweden, but those are available in the US for about $175.00 US.
There should be a date on the battery.

I can get it for around the same money but its not ome then. insted it is varta, banner or bosh etc agm 80h agm.

Should be fine. Some of the Ford OEM is Varta, just with a Ford Motorcraft sticker on it.

After i have more power then, what to do? reinstall sync 3,4 and go over all as built settings in forscan or where to start?

See how the truck acts for a week. If it does the same thing, replace the battery. The symptoms are consistent with a battery cell deterioration. This will happen with temperature changes, especially after it runs for a while in the evening and then is shut down on a cold night. And in Sweden, I think you have cold nights?

oh I cant wait a week.
i have a speed limit on 130km/h and my terrain modes issent there and i need them when i tow cars in the snow and mudd.

we have snow now but have only be -10C in the south and next week its going to be +10C.

I am hoping that having the battery disconnected and charged will reset the settings when the battery is reconnected. Sounds like a MyKey setting if the speed is limited to 130km/h. You will know when you reconnect it.

yeah it its my key settings but the meny to change my key disappeared when i was upload sync 3,4 so i cant turn it off or do any chances.

I think we can fix that…

MyKey® | Ford US

Did you update with the engine running?
And also, a general question: if the battery is bad, shouldn’t the alternator cover for that while the engine is running?.
Or if some modules got a drop of voltage they would go offline until BMS is reset or something like that?.
I assume that would trigger some DTCs, right?

Yes. BMS forces the modules offline and once the vehicle resumes proper voltage (running) the modules come back online. The issue is that if they have presets, etc., that could be erased, they might just be erased, or the module set back to factory. In certain modules it will trigger DTC’s that do not illuminate the MIL.

Yes the engine was running when I update.

Can I use forscan and rewrite BMS or DTC ?