2021 Focus to 3.4.20351

Hi guys, yesterday I update my2021 Focus to 3.4.20351 and then i discover to have a minor number of radio logos. I check with your app and i see a different package for the “same 3.4.20351” update. can someone explain me the difference and can confirm i NOT make the reformat to update map because i will damage my stereo?

there is no radio package in the official update in your screenshot, this isn’t related to this thread at all please create a new thread.

Thanks I manage to install the radio logos only, and now I want to study what the other packages are :muscle:t2:

I moved this to a new thread…

First of all, you have a MY2020 vehicle, so it is not advisable to reformat due to the risk of causing a black screen. There is no known cure other than replacing the unit at this time.

What you are seeing is how the manufacturer packages their updates vs. non-manufacturer packaged updates. There are no differences in the actual files, they are identical. (You can check the file hash values on this site.) Hence, there is actually no “non-official” files. This is a misnomer in the community.

The manufacturer packages updates with scripts (files) that check the APIM hardware and software to ensure that the update is ‘authorized’ or ‘supported’ according to the manufacturer. These are not used here. Since the Syn3 Updater does not use the scripts (files) in the updates, there is less likely to be leftover or temporary items abandoned in the APIM, conserving space (although small), and keeping a cleaner file system.

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I see the non official package have more update things. Yesterday I try to install only the logo radio but I would to understand what mean the other word of every package “af” is logo radio, “em” base software and other? Then do you know if someone just try to force autoinstall mode to updated f9 maps to F10 without do a reformat?

The manufacturer part numbers are structured like this…
example: 1U5T-14G658-AF
1U5T is the year, manufacturer (or department).
14G658 is the core part number or designation. In this case, a software logo package.
AF is the region and revision number in this case.

I do not know if that is possible. Since you have a 2020 vehicle, you might want to check if you are entitled to free map updates thru the manufacturer. I am not sure if this will be the correct website for your location.

Ford SYNC & Maps Updates - Check For Updates | Ford UK


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