3.0 to 3.4 update

I don’t mean to beat a dead horse but I have a 2017 F250 with 3.0 recently updated from fords website I have the 3.4 downloaded on the USB from here. Before I go and screw something up am I good to just plug it in and let it go? I’ve read some stuff about having to remove things before the update and I’m confused as to if I can just update or if there is more steps. I’m relatively unfamiliar with these processes and I don’t wanna screw stuff up. Thanks!

If you’ve got nav, you don’t need to be concerned with removing anything. You’ll be just fine.

Awesome I’ll give it a whirl and see what happens! Thanks

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What’s going on here? Tried twice to update same results of INSTLL_ERR11 what’d I do wrong??

We nor the app can read minds, at least not yet.
Upload the log file from USB, and tell us what you are trying to do, when the error appears, at what time after the process started…

Are you using the reformat option? Read the notices thoroughly as you cannot go back once you upgrade.

Like that…

I got it updated and seems to be working fine, it just made me nervous about screwing something up. I didn’t enter my previous version properly into the program and that was the reason for the install error or atleast I think anyways. But all is good I’ve just never tangled with electronics like this before :grimacing:

Hey guys , I’m trying to update my 2018 mustang ecoboost to 3.4 , the latest version, however each time I run SYN3 UPDATER, the application crashes as it’s downloading , it always goes halfway green and suddenly it merely crashes. Please help bc I really want to be like y’all w the new version haha!!!

Current sync version : 3.0 - North America - No Nav

Seems it’s something about your PC. Make sure to disable whatever security product you use and make sure to run the app as admin. The app has been tested on W10.
Also, try a different USB, and we assume you are downloading the files on your main disk, not an UB…

Install error 11 is a bug in my application usually, it creates slightly faulty autoinstall.lst’s files, this should be fixed in 2.0

Hi everybody Try today to update and got error message

what should I do ? Pls

Post your log file in a seperate topic, did you have nav before the update?

This is a non nav unit and you are trying to install MAPS this will not and never will work!

no its a NAV unit from the usa as per built sheet

here before upgrade

here is the built sheet

Hmm interesting, in that case something else is up, the only real reason would be a bad USB but a fail at around 8-13 minutes is usually due to installing maps on non nav units.

Post your own topic and we can try and assist further

I do know 3.3 upgrade with map so far 15 minutes and still running

I have another usb stick after that I try 3.4 without map update - if it’s not crashing before thanks