3.2 to 3.4 Sync


Grateful for some advice before going ahead.

I’m currently running sync 3.2 (build 18004, maps F6.1) on a retrofitted apim and screen in a 2016 Ford Focus.

If using the automatted method, I assume I pick “3.2 or 3.3” as the current version and “3.4, 20136” as the new version?

I read somewhere that I won’t have to do anything after the download to get the radio logos, as they are already showing correctly with my current version. Is this correct or is there any other programming I would need to do?

More generally, grateful for confirmation that this method will work with my current build?

Many thanks in advance for any answers or general advice on how to go about this.


Will work with all versions of SYNC 3, depends what region you are as logos are different for different regions

Many tks for the prompt reply.

Just to be clear, I take it that my assumtions about “3.2 or 3.3” as the current version and “3.4, 20136” as the new version are correct?

I’m UK/EU.


yeah, options have changed in 2.1 though

Must have changed today as i downloaded the files yesterday when the latest version was 2.0.

yeah 2.1 has just been uploaded just earlier today, extensively tested and much improved :slight_smile:

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Just used it, but unlike the last version, my anti-virus software didn’t like it. I had to override the virus software to download it. I’m assuming it’s safe!?

It probably didn’t like the auto update. ofcourse it’s safe. ask the users.


Only kidding.

Honestly I missed the sarcasm the amount of actual stupid questions I get.

No worries. And now i see 2.2 is out! Can’t keep up. just some small bug fixes :slight_smile:

Tried a few times, but keeps stopping part way though.

Didn’t have the same problem before using 2.1, but thought I better use the latest version.

But keeps stopping part way through isn’t useful information.

What part is it stopping at?

Downloads up to 8 files. Last one being 5U5T-14G391-AL_1580843150000.TAR.

Had to restart it and hoping that this won’t compromise anything.

Just added a ninth file to the flash drive after restarting the programme

Also, seems much slower than 2.1.

Should I go back to 2.1 or 2.0 as these seemed to download better?

It will be much slower than 2.0 not 2.1 this is intentional due to checking the integrity of the files. You can not use an old version due to changes In the database

Is the stopping and starting the programme (manually) ok?

Yes but it isn’t going to make it faster.