3.4.21194 with F10 Maps, Post Installation Message and Greek Characters

I have updated my 2017 Ford Kuga from 3.3.19052 to 3.4.21194 with F10 maps. Once the install was completed succesful, I removed the USB and the system started. I saw a note that Installation in progress and needing to keep the USB in the system. In the guidelines I have not seen this output so I was not so sure. I did not insert the USB and continue with next pop up messages until performing the master reset as you commented

Could someone reply to my post about Installation in progress during updating?

I did not see a question, actually. Does the message still appear? This is usually the maps still sorting in the background.

Not it doesn’t appear anymore. But not quite sure if should I plug in the usb after removing the USB. Do you believe that should I plug in the USB ? By the way, 2 greek letters on the maps have not been fixed. The capital “Λ” is “V” and the small “ι” is “i”. Unfortunately I could not complain to FORD because my infotainment version supports until SYNC 3.0. Could someone else help me to arise this issue?

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Unfortunately the font that Ford have decided to use on those parts of the UI, does not support all the greek letters properly…

In the areas where the letters are correct, another font is used.

Only Ford can sort this out but I doubt they will spend the time… I have already sent a message to Ford Motor Hellas but I’m sure it will never reach the right people…

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No, I don’t think you need to plug the usb back in. Looks all good.

Thanks Dimitris for this info. Can somenone help me to arise this issue to FORD?

If you want to give it a shot, the email for customer support in greece is [email protected]
I don’t know if there’s any way to contact Ford Europe directly…

I see

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