Add FordPass to Ford Explorer 2015

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to find a way to add FordPass to my 2015 Explorer. As that Smartlink adapter was discontinued, I was searching around and I found a forum here about retrofitting older vehicles with FordPass.

I found a TCU with model number JR3T-14G229-AK from a wrecked 19’ Mustang, would it be possible to add this to my explorer and get all of the remote features?


Although it is possible to add this modem to your vehicle, the features will be limited and there is no guarantee the remote locking and starting will function. This has more to do with the Ford FordPass system permissions than your vehicle. Also, the 2015 Explorer is a CGEA 1.2 vehicle, not 1.3 as used for FordPass modems, so there are limitations.

@bill32399 might be able to answer this better as he has an Explorer…

That’s what I thought, but on the F150 forum they were using some kind of SDK site that bypassed the ford pass app. I’m assuming it would work considering that Ford had that SmartLink add on. Do you happen to know where the TCU is in the 2015 Explorer? It would probably require additional wiring I’m sure.

I will warn you, do NOT use any other app than the FordPass app for this. If you do, your account will be disabled, and you will need to call Ford to get it fixed. Of course, that will not work because you don’t have a modem as OEM. Ford is turning off unauthorized access from Connected Car and others. They have already made significant headway on this.

As far as the modem, it would be in the rear of the vehicle under the driver side trim panel. You will likely need to add the wiring.


Yeah I saw that too. It’s sounding like I’ll need CGEA 1.3 to successfully add the modem, so I probably won’t be able to successfully. But I’m interested to see what @bill32399 has to say.

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My HomeAssistant still works fine.

Wait what are you using Home Assistant for? Now I’m really interested :rofl:

Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa are authorized apps for FordPass…there are a few others.

Nope, HomeAssistant doesn’t even have the component it’s a 3rd party component and definitely not authorized by Ford


Ah ok, I thought you were talking about Home Assistant the automation platform.

I was gonna say there is no integration for Ford in home assistant.

I was, not sure what “Google Home Assistant” is

I’m assuming you added it to Google Home and then used the google integration with home assistant?

Wrong name, sorry. Google Home app.

You are in EU, which is a different Ford market for this. Specifically, Ford is cracking down on the US market 3rd party apps to be registered and authorized or they will be disabled.

Ah ok that’s what I figured. That’s pretty neat. Are you only able to just locate the vehicle or start it as well?

With an authorized app you should have all functions of FordPass, as long as that specific app will support the features. I know some other apps have different levels of features, or support actually, but unauthorized apps are being terminated, so be careful what you choose.

Ford looks at the user agent string and will lock your account if you call the API with an unapproved user agent. Postman, for example, is an instant block on your account. Individuals who query the endpoint with an unauthorized user agent string while using the authentication tokens will be subsequently presented with a CSIAH0320E error when trying to login. Ford customer service doesn’t see the account being suspended because they need the account to remain active for things such as Ford Motor Credit. The only way to get unblocked is to contact the customer support team and ask them to file a ticket with the IT Security Team. They will likely ask you your “intentions” and then decide if they should unlock your account. It doesn’t look like HA plugins or mobile widgets will cause this because they are obtaining a different auth token specifically for their application and using the correct user agent.

It can do it all, my car is manual so won’t have remote start regardless.

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Ah ok that’s pretty cool. I would love to do it with my Explorer but don’t think I’ll be able to add that new TCU with CGEA 1.2.

You might need to use an HJ5T modem, which is the predecessor to the present modems. These will support the features you want but work with the older architectures. These were used on the Ford Edge, etc.

Oh interesting, I didn’t even know they made modems for the older architecture. What year edges were those in?

About 2013 thru 2016 or so. Read this thread…
TCU HJ5T Asbuilt Discussion - Ford / AsBuilt Configuration - CyanLabs Official Community

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