TCU HJ5T Asbuilt Discussion

Thanks! Will get it on the charger and try the flash later tonight.

The H TCU is working pretty well overall. There are some features missing, but I think they’re missing for everyone who’s swapped from 3G->4G, including those who paid a dealership to do it. Guessing that Ford is still working on the back-end code base to support some of the MFM feature set. The -UM calibration on the TCU is definitely needed to get the Value Charging function on the sync screen to communicate changes to/from FordPass. It only partially works right now, but without -UM it doesn’t work at all.

Other things that show in the app but don’t appear to be functional:

-Charging > Charge Level Notification (The setting to receive a push notification when charged to x%)
-Driving Data > My Journeys > My EV driving data (which I think doesn’t require a paired phone unlike Journeys. At least with MFM a trip log was generated directly from the TCU).
-Vehicle Status just always shows “No Alerts”. MFM used to report when windows were down or doors/liftgate/hood open/unlocked. Not sure if FordPass will gain that ability, but it was nice to be able to see at a glance.

Other than that though, I’ve had pretty reliable reporting/update of odometer, current location, fuel level/DTE, EV battery level/DTE, charge status & logs, basic TPMS monitoring and oil life.

There are some folks here that have had some success with this. @bill32399 is one, maybe he can share his viewpoints.

Could you send me your TCU asbuilt? I’d like to map it against the dataset for the HJ5T series TCU to see what matches.

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Sure. Actually a user over at the helpfully posted his asbuilt over there a couple weeks ago. He had his swap done at a dealership, so I programmed mine accordingly.

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This is actually what I was doing from the start comparing against the J TCU database here and at least the 754-01-01 block seems to match including AsBuilt’s posted by some Fusion owners who got the dealer installed TCU upgrade. They’re showing B862 for the Fusion Energi, with the 62 corresponding with being a CGEA 1.3 vehicle with 42 for the C-Max being CGEA 1.2 going by the J TCU database here.

Not sure about 754-02-01. That one’s mostly been guessing so far at least when I’ve personally been experimenting on mine.

Yep, I saved a screenshot of the asbuilt from someone in the discord who had the official upgrade done on his Fusion Energi (apologies, I forget who it was now).

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Only 754-02-01 xxXx xx and 754-02-01 xxxX xx are applicable for H series.
FOTA (Ford OTA) Feature Enable (FFE), PwPck Setting (PPS), Transmission Of Rolling Code (TORC), Secondary Battery (SB)
Primary Battery (PB), ECALL (ECALL), Tracking and Blocking Module (TBM), Crew Chief (CC)

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Interesting, because going off the asbuilt for the H TCU for the C-Max and Fusion (both supposedly installed by a dealership), the only difference in 754-02-01 are in the first two positions. So you’re saying those will make no difference in either vehicle with an H TCU?

That depends on the firmware level. The -UM firmware may have these activated, which is what I suspect. If so, they would affect:
On Line Telematics (OLT), Customer Connectivity Settings (CCS)
Data Usage Feature Enablement (DUFE), HEV/PHEV Data Monitoring (HPDM), Vehicle Health Monitor (VHM), Wi-Fi Hotspot Feature (WHF)

The only difference between the asbuilts posted is the above lines. All other settings are identical.

Thats funny. I have the EXACT same ASBuilt pic I took after they did mine. :slight_smile: As far as the charging indicator in the app it disappeared about 3 weeks ago and has not come back. Mine still shows the charge history from my Ford charger though and the App still shows the charge history also. I am thinking that issue is on Ford’s end.

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I agree with that…

Maybe that’s your pic! Did you post in the discord a few weeks ago? :laughing:

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No but it is surprising how pics get around. I moderate the Flex forum and a pic I posted their about 8 years ago is all over the internet now.


When you programmed the asbuilt for your H TCU, you programmed what you found at the C-Max site?

Do you happen to have the old asbuilt that you overwrote? You should have made a backup in FORScan, right?

Yes I copied exactly what that guy had posted from his dealership-installed TCU.

And yes I did save the module’s asbuilt before changing it. However, I bought it third-hand (at least) from a guy on f150forum who had bought it for his f150 but needed a J TCU due to having Sync 2 in his truck. It originally came from a wrecked 2017 Escape. He had modified the asbuilt for his f150, so 754-01-01 was set to B132 (aside: out of curiosity, what does the 32 correspond to? It does not show up as an option in the TCU asbuilt database, which jumps from 2D to 40).

Based on the donor VIN (2017 Escape), the factory asbuilt for the TCU is:

754-01-01 	B142 	50 	 
 754-02-01 	00E0 	3E 	 
 754-03-01 	7D7D 	7D7D 	7DD0 
 754-03-02 	7D7D 	7C7C 	7CCE 
 754-03-03 	7C7C 	7C7C 	7CCD 
 754-03-04 	7C7C 	7C7C 	7CCE 
 754-03-05 	7C7D 	7D7C 	7CD1 
 754-03-06 	0078 	7D7D 	7D53 
 754-03-07 	7D7D 	7D7D 	7DD6 
 754-03-08 	7D7D 	60


That configuration would not work for your vehicle. I can see the differences in the data collection (754-03-xx) would not include PHEV/HEV data, and the vehicle setting is for gas vehicles, not PHEV/HEV (754-01-01 x1xx needs to be x8xx).

32 is the same as 62, just duplicated in the coding. You can see the database does not include xx1x, xx3x, xx5x, etc. The bits are allocated as a double byte entry, it gets confusing…

I assume you meant 754-02-xx, right? 00E0 is actually what the guy over at had in his TCU (installed and PMI’d at a Ford dealer). So unless they’re not doing the programming right (a distinct possibility), the only difference between the stock H TCU config from the 2017 Escape and the “new” H TCU they’re programming into the C-Max Energi is setting the engine type from gasoline (1) to PHEV (8) in 754-01-01 (along with the calibration update to -UM).

It’s the Fusion Energi that has the different setting for data collection in 754-02-01. I know @Vchat20 has experimented with changing that setting in his C-Max but hasn’t spotted any differences in FordPass as of yet.

Thanks for the explanation re: the 32 VA/TDR/OCS value. That’s been bugging me ever since I first started looking into this last year.

No. For the data collection, 754-03-xx needs to be properly populated. The setting at 754-02-01 just enables you to see it.

Ford has to allow the collected data to be viewed in FordPass. It’s on their end.

Go look at this:
TCU-H Database - CyanLabs

I see now you were referring to 754-03. Looking again, the retrofitted TCU has 7D7D for most of those values whereas the TCU from the 2017 Escape has 7C7C for some of them. Honestly I always thought those were just dummy values that didn’t mean anything, but looks like I was wrong about that. The asbuilt database doesn’t show any way to decipher those settings–is that info just not available?

Yes. But not mapped out to the specific bytes. I can tell you that 7D is data available and 7C is data not available. So, if you have 7D across the selections, then all the data is most likely be collected and reported to Ford, but that does not mean they are using it in the app (FordPass).

Gotcha. OK so if everything is set to 7D then the TCU will collect all the available info on those various parameters and send it to FordPass, but Ford hasn’t programmed FordPass to display it in the UI (as you stated). I was going to experiment with changing some of those 7D values but now I know I don’t need to, since everything is already being collected (not sure what 754-03-06 is about but since it’s set to 0078 7D7D in both the escape and c-max I’m going to leave it alone).