Another Please insert USB debacle

Can you post an image of the “error”?
Have you tried with a quality branded USB stick?.
IS the unit working?

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Do you have the cordless CarPlay dongle plugged in when you see this error?

But you did not reformat from 3.3.19052. I suspect something is corrupted with the reformat from and the only way to clear the corruption would be to reformat the unit again.

CarPlay dongle is not in, nothing in USB ports.
I have PNY and Memorex USB sticks, are these quality?
How do I reformat the unit again? Do I just use Syn3 updater with version 3.3.19052?

I appreciate you guys trying to help. I took a video, but too large to send. Here is screen shot of message.

Ok, so it’s already in reformat mode, it’s not operative.
Are you 150% sure you do not have another device connected?.
Do you have more than 1 USB port to try?.
What’s the brand of the pendrives you used?

You are stuck in the reformat mode from Sync 3.0.! This is different from what we were thinking, so the solution is none of the above that was suggested.

I would normally say that the PNY and Memorex sticks are fine. These are probably 2.0 or 2.1 versions?

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I need to type faster…


I agree, I think I’m stuck in 3.0 because the first time I put the usb in, it went to this message very quickly. I only have one other usb port and it has never worked since I bought the truck. 2017 I bought used in 2018.
The Memorex is 2.0, bought it last night.
I originally used the PNY which is 3.0.

OK, we’ll use the PNY for this since it is 3.0. Follow the instructions in the pdf. You can use the reformat.lst file attached.

You can do this using the Syn3 Updater also…

reformat.lst (44 Bytes)
Reformat Boot Screen Recovery.pdf (113.9 KB)

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As with Dorothy, you are not in Kansas anymore…
The screen you showed before it’s not even Sync…
By reformat, what the USB did was installing a package (reformat tool) that now the units boots with, that’s the screen you are seeing. It’s not Sync 3.0…

So, out of 2 ports 1 does not work, and this second one is acting up…
@F150Chief , are these independent ports?, or they are both ultimately connected to a single HUB?

One hub, 2 ports. Might be bad…

Reformat Boot Screen Recovery did not work. Just to make sure I set-up the usb correct. Here’s screen shots:

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That is correct.
You’ll need to get another USB and try. If the USB hub is bad, you will need a new one.

Ok. I’ll order one today. Hopefully just the usb hub and not the APIM, right? With new usb hub installed do the files that I just tried, correct? The reformat pdf directions?

It just looks like the USB section is not working. Try a new USB first…
The hub replacement is:
HC3Z-19A387-E (BLUE BACKLIGHTING) Ford (Wide 2 USB-A Port)
HC3Z-19A387-F (BLUE BACKLIGHTING) Ford (Wide 2 USB-A Port)

Don’t buy hubs from China! Most are counterfeit. The dealer/service departments have the hubs for about $55 US.


Thank you. Ordering now. Probably be a few days before I can update y’all.

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It worked! It was my USB module. It was only working intermittently and I had no idea. Got the system updated and now running 3.4.
Thank you guys so much!


Glad you’re up and running. Happy to help. Enjoy!

I think I have the same problem with my Explorer. Same setup and I have had problems also with my USB hub. Could be a somewhat rare intermittent problem with the early single port ones.

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